How to See Your Facebook Followers Tips and Guide

How to See Your Facebook Followers. Precisely many Facebook users and friends do ask the question how to see your Facebook followers on your Facebook account. Although some people do think this is not possible but today i will be showing that you can check your Facebook followers and even see your Facebook audience insight as well.

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How to See Your Facebook Followers

Also, if your friends follow you automatically on Facebook then you can see them in your account. More so, you can also let people who are not your friends to follow you too. Therefore, these increase your audience and social media presence.

Setup Who Can Follow You on Facebook

Below are the steps for you to setup your Facebook followers accessibility. However, this is just like setting your account to be on private access.

  1. First, click at the top-right corner on your Facebook account and hit on Settings.
  2. Then click on the Public Posts caption you see on the left side of your screen.
  3. Furthermore, choose the Friends or Public caption which is next to (Who Can Follow Me)

Other Additional Facebook Post Settings and Tips

  • Public Post Comments: This gives you the chance to choose who can comment on your public Facebook posts. Also, Learn how you can adjust who can like or comment on your public posts too.
  • Adjusting Public Post Notifications: Make sure you select if you want to be getting notifications when people who aren’t your friends on Facebook start following you. As well as them sharing, likes or making comments on your public posts.
  • Public Profile Info: This makes you to choose who can like or comment on your public Facebook profile information. Therefore, this includes your profile photos, profile videos, as well as cover photos too. More so, your featured photos and Facebook News Feed updates about changes to your Introduction section. See how  you can adjust people that can like or comment on your public profile information.


How to Know and See Your Facebook Followers

Basically, if you have allowed Facebook users to follow you, then you can find a list of your followers too. Therefore, this by going to your profile settings page on your mobile phone or computer.

  • Then click on Friends which is below your cover photo.
  • Hit on the Followers caption. There you will see all your followers on a list like format.

Furthermore, If you don’t have any Facebook followers, then you will not see this option available to you. So there you have it, easy tips and guide for you to locate your Facebook followers on your Fbook account.



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