There are so many reasons why an online dating users will want to hide your zoosk account profile. Well, on this Zoosk review it shows all the things you need to know.  More so, most dating websites do not allow users to view profile before sign up but make things simple instead.

Zoosk Review and How to Pause Your Online Dating Zoosk Account
Zoosk Review and How to Pause Your Online Dating Zoosk Account

Although, on zoosk dating site you can hide you dating profile any time you want and as well unhide it as well. Therefore, this is a very nice feature just like plenty of fish dating site and

How to Pause Your Zoosk Account

Do you know you can just turn off or pause your dating profile on zoosk review to avoid any upcoming matches to any. However, so many dating users do like this feature because it helps them concentrate on their existing date. More so, to do this you need to follow the below instructions.

  1. First log in to your Zoosk account and pick your display name from the drop-down menu.
  2. Then right on the drop-down menu, choose “Account Settings.”
  3. Locate the “Account Status” section, and then click on “Edit
  4. Furthermore, choose how long you want to pause or put your account on hold by pressing the “Pause Account.” caption.

How Can I Hide My Online Status on Zoosk?

Many online dating users on zoosk do ask how can I hide my online status on zoosk. Well, the truth is that you cannot hide your online status on this dating platform. However, the green dot light will remain on your account if you leave your browser open. This is so if you are using your mobile phone or PC.

Although, on the other hand you can pause your profile or make it invisible for other online users. furthermore, this is possible after buying and using the zoosk token to implement this process. However, this feature will make you invisible for few hours alone.

How to See if Someone is Active on Zoosk

Basically, the zoosk dating website is pose a unique system to ensure whether someone is online or not. This as well will show if you are recently online too. More so, the platform uses a green dot t show if you are online or not.

Precisely, if there is a green dot close your a user profile, then it means you are online and the reverse means your offline. Then a blue dot indicates that the users was recently online but at the moment not anymore. Therefore, if a user is not access zoosk login my account for a week then no indications will display.  This is on zoosk reviews 2021/2022