Zoom Web Conferencing – How to do Zoom Cloud Meeting | Zoom Web App

Zoom Web Conferencing. This feature manage video and web conferencing for zoom. This can be done for webinars, hosting of meetings and to make calls. Zoom app grant one access to Zoom platform. However, it is a stand alone platform with a compact view, it has very low CPU/RAM/Bandwidth consumption.

Zoom Web Conferencing - How to do Zoom Cloud Meeting | Zoom Web App
Zoom Web Conferencing – How to do Zoom Cloud Meeting | Zoom Web App

Basically, you can access zoom directly on the zoom platform. Furthermore, this is a unique compact app for workers, students and business personnel’s. Keep reading this article to unveil more on Zoom video conference call.

Zoom Web Conferencing

Particularly, Zoom Cloud Meetings is now trendy for online group conferences and meetings. Zoom Cloud Meeting enables users to stay connected instantly. Also, Zoom is an instant messaging app and a video conference app. It allows you to join or begin a meeting with fine connectivity. I know most people are still finding a hard trend to join. While others prefers it more than other platforms.

How to do Zoom Cloud Meeting

Zoom web conferencing comes with easy interface, where you can start or join a meeting with up to 100 persons. Also, Zoom web app is an app that is compatible with desktop, Android and iOS devices as well. The app has lots of features, like

  • Clear audio
  • Screen sharing
  • High quality video conferencing
  • Instant messaging and more

It make online meetings and conferencing to be done with ease. More so, Zoom web conferencing can be done at the convenient time and places for all participants.

Desktop, Mac, Linux For Zoom Web Conferencing

Using, Desktop, PC MAC or Linux to access Zoom platform directly is the a fast way of starting or join any zoom conferencing meetings. The Zoom platform has a standalone compact view, it’s a Very Low CPU/RAM/Bandwidth consumption. An easy-to-use and lite app and it’s the easiest way to open and use cloud meetings your desktop machine (PC, MAC or Linux).

However, you just need to Click on the toolbar button, renders Zoom in a standalone UI. The window is re-sizable to your desired choice and all the changes are auto saved to the memory. Basically, this is a lite Addon and does not add any additional burden to your browser. The popup has a built-in “Always-On-Top” and Sidebar that enables you to do multi-tasking

Zoom Conference Call Features

The zoom web conferencing has various features and here the few ones:

  • Users enjoy Cloud Meeting and mobile collaboration
  • Cloud video conferencing with video, audio and screen-sharing.
  • Basic Web Interface with maximum savings of your computer CPU/RAM and Bandwidth
  • Auto-Start when browser starts
  • Video gallery view up to 25 video streams at once
  • Audio alerts
  • Back/forward buttons for fast switching
  • Refresh button to force self-actualization
  • Configurations in a Options section.
  • Annotations plus share audio, mouse and keyboard
  • HTTPS and over Zoom platform for maximum security
  • No share of credentials to third party.

Therefore, the above mentioned features are found in zoom web conferencing. However, from the comfort of your home or office you can use your PC for your Zoom online conference.





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