YIFY Browser – Search and Browse All Yify Movies Torrent Downloads – YTS

Yes with YIFY browser all, Download free YTS movies torrents in 720p, 1080p, HD and also 3D quality on phone and PC. Therefore, get the fastest downloads at a small size. Latest Yify Movie Torrents to Browse all movies categories.

YIFY Browser - Search and Browse All Yify Movies Torrent Downloads - YTS
YIFY Browser – Search and Browse All Yify Movies Torrent Downloads – YTS

What do you think this so-called YIFY Browser is, most of us will think it is a brewery because the word “Browser” appears on the topic of the article? To cut the long story short, YIFY does not have a browser, the browser this article is talking about is the movie site.

It talks about how you can download new movies from YIFY because it is a movie website. Just as it was mentioned, the browser also represents an app for YIFY and what is it used for. The browser app is used for downloading movies without visiting the YIFY website.

YIFY Browser

In continuation of what we have already discussed in the first paragraph, we are now yet to discuss what YIFY is. I hope with the brief detail you have seen; you did have little ideas on what YIFY is but that is not all about it. YIFY is more than that, it is a movie website yes, we already know but if I may ask what kind of movie can you download from this site.

YIFY you see here is a platform where you can download torrent movies, I believe you know what torrent movies are. Torrent movies are kinds of movies with very large files, when we say large files high data like downloading a movie cost (2.5) GB they are what is known as torrent movies. With these, we now come down to the website.

YIFY website

Have you thought of checking or searching for a torrent website where you can download movies free. And you can’t easily find them? Do you know why its so? because they are not common? Speaking of the YIFY website, it does have two different websites but both are the same when it comes to downloading.

One thing about them is that one is for downloading torrent movies and the other is from r download just movie with the use of a VPN because it is dangerous for you to download movies from this site without using a VPN.

Like I said that there are two different sites and they are “YIFY” which is the site we have been discussing and there are also “YTS” which is the second site. Now back to the YIFY Browser and you all already know what it is that it is the YIFY movie downloading app.

Now let see if it is possible to download this app on our smartphones. As for the website, you can access it on your PC or smartphone web browser.

YIFY Browser App Download

Here we go, to know if the app is downloadable you have to run a check by accessing your smartphone app store. Then follow the steps below;

  • After accessing your app store, search for “YIFY Browser” on the search box.
  • Then click to search, and when the result comes out.
  • The first app on the search result, click on it.
  • Now, tap on the install button and wait for the app to be downloaded just like every other app does.

After you have fully download and install the app, you can now open the app to explore it.

How to Download YIFY Movies with YIFY Browser

To download movies using the YIFY Browser, there are steps in which you need to follow.

  • You have to access the YIFY app which you have downloaded and then click on the movie you want to download.
  • After that, click the download link below the movie on the next page and select the quality you want to download.
  • At this point click the download button on the pop-up menu where you are need to select your movie quality.
  • Here you will see a note that says “They add the name of the movie you want to download to the download list”.

What you have to do now is to go back to the app’s homepage and click the option below “Downloads”. There you will find the movie downloading.

Yifi Free Download

These are the steps to download movies using the YIFY browser. But if you are using a smarty web browser or a system, then you have to download and install a torrent app and that app is “uTorrent”.

You can get it from your app store as well and it can be download on systems too by searching for “uTorrent” on Google and click the link with download for Windows.

After downloading, install, and go back to the Yifi movie website and click the download again and the download will show up in the uTorrent app that you have downloaded.

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