Yahoo Local Business Listing with Yext -10 Things to Know Before Listing Your Business

When talking about business and listing it on the internet and as well, promoting your business Yahoo local business listing does it better with Yext. However, most business owners using the yahoo email platform do not know about the Yahoo business listing feature on the Yahoo platform. Particularly, on this article will are going to be discussing about how you can claim or get a free Yahoo business listing.

Yahoo Local Business Listing with Yext -10 Things to Know Before Listing Your Business

Therefore, to start the process you must first poses an active yahoo mail account. Furthermore, the Yahoo company has being through a lot in regards to the business listing platform. But in recent time have always made provisions for its users to access the business listing feature.

Yahoo Local Business Listing

Yahoo Local Business Listing is a full directory of local businesses that are listed on the Yahoo search engine. However, this enables businesses to create a listing for their companies. This listing includes business information such as your business name, categories, products and services. Also, your business location, phone number, website, hours of operation, photos, and as well description.

Furthermore, customers can as well use the Yahoo Local Listing feature to find and learn about any local businesses around them. Also, you can still use this listing feature to promote your products and services to your customers.

Precisely this listing is free for businesses to create and use. Therefore, it can help you to improve your online visibility, credibility of the business. More so, this is great for both small and large businesses. Business

However, Yahoo spins off its small business services division into another company which is Aabaco. Therefore, Aabaco now runs some aspects of Yahoo small business and as well as having a tip in Yahoo Bing ads. Furthermore, the local business service is under the name Luminate. Therefore, Luminate is no longer in control of any yahoo services anymore.

Presently, Yahoo small business is what we now know as Aabaco small business. Furthermore, Aabaco is however outsourcing to Yext in other to manage the local business listing which is under a product that is called Local works.

Therefore these are just tips for you to know more about how Yahoo runs the business listing service. Now, let’s see how to claim a free local business listing.

10 Things to Know Before Starting a Yahoo Local Business Listing

  1. Business name: You need to have a good name for your company or organization.
  2. Business categories: Your business will need to operate on different categories or departments. Therefore, you need to select a good categories. This helps customers to find your business, products and services your render easily.
  3. Products and services: As a business owner you have to be specific about the kind of products and service you do offer to your customers.
  4. Location: Here, you need to inputs your business address, the city and state as well.
  5. Phone number: This one is very important, as this is the mobile phone number that customer can use to reach out to you.
  6. Website: Basically, another contact point to your business is your website. Therefore, if you have one, then you need to include it to your business listing too.
  7. Hours of operation: This refers to the time your business id open to customers patronage and as well closing time.
  8. Photos: Precisely, you can inputs photos of your business, products and services in your yahoo business listing. Therefore, this gives customers areal visual impression of the stuffs you are offering to them.
  9. Description: The description sections shows a brief insight of your business. This however, should include your business mission, history and services your are offering.
  10. Customer reviews: Also, you can include a customer reviews stat in your Yahoo Business Listing. This in turn will provide potential customers with vital feedback from people who have genuinely used your products and services.

How to Get or Update a Free Yahoo Business Listing

How to Get a Free Yahoo Business Listing

  1. Firstly, go to the Yahoo platform; make a search on your local business. Therefore, you will see a caption link to Add or Update your Business.
  2. Furthermore, the link will redirect you to the URL
  3. Input your business information and hit on the Find My Listings
  4. Therefore, a page that is powered by Yext will then pop up. Sometimes users will see an error message while trying to access this page. More so, a hint on the error message will read that (you do not have Yext verification). Don’t be worried, just proceed by clicking the Continue caption.
  5. Update all your information about your business listing such as complete Your Full name, address, phone number etc. Make sure this are the same details as your business.
  6. Yext will show about four plans to choose from. Basically, these plans are not free so you have to pay to access any of them. Furthermore to get a free access click on the caption below that says Claim your Basic Listing on Yahoo.
  7. It will then take you to the Yahoo basic listing checkout page. Furthermore, complete the checkout process and then click on Place Order. Do be afraid because this process is actually free.
  8. Next you will have to do an email verification form Yext to verify your email address. Verify it by clicking on the link you see on your mail inbox. Furthermore, create a password you can remember and login to your account.
  9. Finally, you will have to verify if you represent the business you list.

Note: They verification is of various method, either they call you or they will send you an email for the verification. So this is how you can get or claim your free Yahoo business listing.




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