Yahoo Business Listing – Create Free Business Listing to Boost Your Business

Do you know you can engage in a free Yahoo Business Listing? Of course, it is! If you have been conversant with the internet, you should have gotten the details that Yahoo is working on their business platform. And with this, they have also launched another amazing feature right for you and your business. Let’s check this out.

Yahoo Business Listing - Create Free Business Listing to Boost Your Business

Yahoo Business Listing

Yahoo Small Business 

The Yahoo Business Listing comes from the Yahoo small business platform, which has amazing features to help you and your business. Among these amazing business features kept in place for you, the local works helps you stay in control of your business through online business listings.

How important is this to you? Being found by a large number of people who may need your services has never been so easy. What else does the Yahoo Business Listing do for you? It also helps to ensure that customers get real-time information and details about your business regardless of how they search.

Yahoo Local Works 

If you have been following this article carefully, you will find out that the local works is the feature that makes this business listing possible for you. The small business platform from Yahoo has really helped so many business owners and marketers out there in so many ways. If you have got an online business, then the Yahoo small business platform is just right for you.

Now, they have different services that they offer through their business platform, which also includes the “Local Works”. This is the latest feature on the business platform. This aims to boost the exposure of your small business online.

With a subscription on this service, you are able to sync Yahoo local listings from over 60 online directories. In a few minutes, you can set up your online presence. What do you have to do? Provide your;

  • Business name
  • Email address
  • Mailing and physical addresses
  • Phone number
  • Holiday hours and regular hours
  • Photos, brochures, marketing materials, and videos
  • Profiles of stay, language options, and other information

A solid page for your business is a very good start but this Local works feature also gives you full control of your;

  • Business categories, hashtags, and other search forms
  • Location and tools for advanced filtering
  • Websites and folders hierarchy

Create Yahoo Business Listing

If you are set to get your business down to millions of people out there, then you can list out your business online and build up a web presence. To do that, you will have to set up an account by getting on their official website and choosing a plan. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • Visit the Yahoo small business platform on
  • Scroll down the page to choose a plan to begin; standard or premium
  • On the next page, enter your business name and search
  • You will find an application form on the next page, type in your business details
  • Are you done? Tap on “Agree and Continue”

This will take you further in your application, as you follow the instructions to get your business listed online.



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