Remembering your Yahoo mail password sometimes can be a headache for some Yahoo users sometimes. Therefore, the need to craft out something to make users by pass the use of password when accessing the Yahoo mail login process. The Yahoo account key is an alternative method for you to access your Yahoo account with any password. This actually means you can access your Yahoo email services on your device without using your password to login.

Yahoo Account Key – How to Set up Yahoo Account Key and Stop Using Password
Yahoo Account Key – How to Set up Yahoo Account Key and Stop Using Password

Furthermore, for you to use it you just need to sign in by clicking on the Yes caption that Yahoo will send to your mobile device. More if you are using the Yahoo account key to login to your account, no one can use your account without your permission. Therefore, before anyone can access your account the system will first notify you that someone is trying to access your Yahoo mail account. Even if you are the one accessing your account form another device the system will as well notify you.

How amazing this sounds as you don’t need to worry yourself about remembering your password and inputting it whenever you want to login. Therefore, you can as well use this method in any internet device to access your account.

How to Set up Yahoo Account Key on Internet Browser

This process will see a user learn how he or she can set up the Yahoo account key from an internet browser.

  • First open your Yahoo mail account.
  • Click on account info page.
  • Next, click on Account security.
  • You will then need to confirm the device you are using. After this tap on the Yes caption that reads sending me a notification. This will then turn out for you to obtain a test key to your device.
  • Click on the Yes caption of the account key and choose to accept the process.
  • Lastly, tap on yes to confirm access to your current phone number.

Setup Yahoo Account Key on Android device

You can easily use this process if you have your account on your mobile device or with the use of the Yahoo App. Therefore, follow the below steps to set the key password up.

  1. Lunch the Yahoo app on your mobile device.
  2. Next, click on the menu caption to proceed.
  3. Then click on the Account key icon image. Therefore, a sample of a key will show up for you to set it.
  4. Click to confirm the process on your device screen.
  5. Hit on the yes caption.
  6. Then click on enable account key.

After all these processes they will then send you a notification. However, any time you want to access your account you will see a message to use the Yahoo key option as password.

How do I Bypass a Yahoo key?

If you are still not getting a Yahoo account Key if you want to sign in to your email account then you can bypass the process. Therefore, this is how to bypass a Yahoo key if you want to sign in. To do this use the tips below.

  1. First, go to the Yahoo sign in homepage.
  2. Then enter your email address, and hit on the Next caption.
  3. Furthermore, click on the caption Use text or email to sign in or you can try other ways to sign in.
  4. Input the missing digits of your phone number, then click on Submit.
  5. You then see a note saying if you have access to this phone, click Yes. Click on it
  6. Select text me a verification code.

After which a verification will be sent to your phone number to bypass the sign in process.

Do Google Backup Codes Expire?

Most Google email users do ask if Google backup codes do expires after some time. The answer to that is Yes. Immediately, after you use a Google backup code to login, it will becomes inactive. However, users can still generate a new set of codes anytime they want.

Therefore, after creating a new set of codes to use to sign in, then the old ones will automatically turn inactive. This simply means you cannot use them again to access the gmail login account process.

I hope with this piece of setup tips and guidelines you will be able to access your Gmail account by any access means you like and as well generate login codes too.