Speaking of the account sign in Xbox live, how do you think or what do you think about the Xbox game pass well it brings on very insight you need to know about free Xbox live account. We do know that Xbox is a game, while Xbox Live is a multiplayer online gaming and digital media service rested by Microsoft and operated by it also. It was made as first to be an Xbox system in the year 2002.

Xbox Live Account - Xbox Game Pass | Xbox Gold Live
Xbox Live Account – Xbox Game Pass | Xbox Gold Live

But now it came with an updated version of the service became available as Xbox 360 console at the system was launched in the year 2005. Therefore, as time goes on, the further enhanced version was made available in the year 2013 with the Xbox one.

Is Xbox Live Free Now?

This is a question; people want to know if the Xbox live is free to use but they have not yet gotten an answer but today I have to something to say about the heading above this paragraph. Xbox live came with two different levels of membership, which is known to be silver, it costs nothing on this level but it has limited features. With the free service of the Xbox live you can download games, and also add-on from Xbox live marketplace also.

Xbox Gold and SilverĀ Account – Xbox Live Marketplace

Like I said Xbox live has two levels, silver, and gold. With the gold, you can log into Netflix through your Xbox 360 and start steaming your favorite movies and also tv shows. The silver is known as the free membership, free membership which is used to be called silver, they have nothing but limited features. With the free level, you are free to;

  • Create your own profile and also a game tag.
  • You are free to create a friend list.
  • You are also free to preview games.
  • Stream video content from the Zune network.
  • Free to download games and add-ons from your Xbox live marketplace.
  • You can also send and receive messages with other Xbox live used as text or voice.
  • Free to use video Kinect to make video calls with a friend.

These are the features of the silver or free membership box live.

Xbox Gold Live – Free Xbox Live Account

This one is a subscription service that varies in cost. You can buy subscription cards for Xbox live gold at about $25 for three months or $60 yearly. Below here are the features of the gold level;

  • Streaming video content through Netflix.
  • Streaming TV and movies through Hulu plus.
  • Having Interactive online gameplay.
  • Streaming or watching live sports events or matches by using the ESPN on Xbox Live.
  • Have access to social networks with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Listen to the radio from Last.fm.
  • Streaming music selections on Zune.

These are the features of the Xbox live gold subscription and now over to the sign-in part.