Work and Stay in Malta – English Speaking Country Cheaper than UK

Work and Stay in Malta an English speaking country cheaper than UK. Are you looking for a cheaper route to travel abroad? Do you want to work and stay in Malta or study with cheaper fees and living. Then you need to try out Malta and do you know you can as well get 70% of the tuition fees you pay back after completing your studies?

Work and Stay in Malta - English Speaking Country Cheaper than UK

Yes you will get 70% tuition fees back. So many people are complaining of how it is difficult to get UK visa and prices of tuition fess couple with high cost of living in United Kingdom.

This is the reason why I am bring this cheap travel route to you today. Getting a visa to Malta is pretty easy and it does not require much processes as compare to UK and other Europe countries and even USA.

Work, Study and Stay in Malta

Malta is an Island country close to Italy in Europe and its not a big country but one that is very cheap to work and stay. Basically, if you are going via the educational route, Malta is a great place because they offer admission all year round. More so, they have different community that makes you blend in easily like the Indian community, African community etc.

Requirements to Move as a Student to Malta

  • You will need your WAEC certification as an undergraduate.
  • B.SC certification
  • Also, you need your bank statement.
  • Then if you have a sponsor that is great.
  • A court affidavit stating your relationship with your sponsor.
  • Your passport and your CV as well. This will give your interviewer ideas about your profile.
  • Application fee of about 100 Euros.

Note: As a student applying to go and study in Malta, remember that you are going to do an online virtual interview to get admission into any of the institution in Malta.

Then after passing through the interview the school will then send a request to the Malta Embassy in your country for your visa interview. Not to worry because the questions you will be asked in your visa interview is the same questions from your school application interview.

Some Estimated Salaries of Different Jobs in USA

In case you are planing to move to USA or Canada, these are some of the salary rates of some jobs you can find there.

Mind you the earnings can be much higher or lower depending on your employers and place of work.

How to Apply for a Malta School Visa

Here you are going to apply to the Malta Embassy via a request link they are going to send to you via email address. This is for countries that do not have the Malta embassy in their country like Nigeria. But if you have it in your country, you can just walk in and apply.

  1. Fill in the application form with your details.
  2. Attach your Admission acceptance later.
  3. Your tuition fees document.
  4. Letter of English proficiency.
  5. You will need to pay the application fees, which is between the range of 250 Euros.
  6. package your bank statement, sponsorship later and affidavit and send it to Malta.

Note: The 250 Euros fees you pay for your application do cover up for the sending of your document to and fro to Malta. Therefore, after all these they will then give you a date for your interview as mentioned above.

Please make sure not to exclude any of the document they are requesting for, because the school will send it back if it is incomplete.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I Work and Study in Malta?

Yes you can work and study in Malta, and the great news is that you do not even need IELTS to go to Malta. However, you only need a letter of English proficiency from your school, to show you can speak and understand English.

What Type of Jobs can You Do in Malta as a Student

You can work as a

However, as a student you are entitled to about 20 hours of work time per week.

Can I move with my Family to Malta as a Student?

No, you cannot move immediately to Malta with your family as a student but after you are settle, you can apply for your family to join you easily. You only need prove of funds to do this.



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