WhatsApp Status – WhatsApp Status Video | Best WhatsApp Status and Quotes

WhatsApp Status is a status update that disappears after 24 hours of a user uploading it. Furthermore, users can share photos, videos, text, links, and GIF. However, if the user knows how to use Instagram Stories, they will feel right at home.

WhatsApp Status - WhatsApp Status Video | Best WhatsApp Status and Quotes
WhatsApp Status – WhatsApp Status Video | Best WhatsApp Status and Quotes

Basically, by default, one can only activate WhatsApp Status between two users who have each other’s contact. As well as details save in their contact address books respectively. Therefore, if a user do not have each other’s contact  in their contacts, they can’t see each other’s Status message. More so, you can click  here>>>>> to get the top best WhatsApp status and quote to use.

How to View WhatsApp Status

  • On Android, tap on the Status tab on the top tom open WhatsApp Status.
  • On iPhone, you will find the status tab at the bottom of the app click on it.

Here, users will see a list of available Status updates and stories from their contacts automatically under the Recent Upgrades heading. Tap on a contact’s name to play their upgrade.

The photo or video will play automatically. If it’s a photo, it will remain on the screen for a couple of seconds and then the app will present the next status from the same contact, the user will end up back on the Status screen.

If the user feel like a photo disappears too quickly, he should go back to the Status screen and view the update again. Or he can tap and hold on the screen to pause the status. This will also, make the user’s name disappear.

Tap on the right hand-side of the screen to switch to the next Status, if the user wants to jump to the next contact’s Status, swipe to the left of the screen.

How to Reply to WhatsApp Status – How to Post Photo and Videos

When the a user come across a WhatsApp Status that intrigues he/her, just swipe up to reply. A user can send a text message as a reply or use the camera icon to reply with a picture or a video.

How to Post Photo and Videos

  • Go to your WhatsApp on your mobile device or PC.
  • After which open the Status section and hit on the Add to my status button from the top. Therefore, this will open the camera view.
  • Particularly, if the user wants to make a picture, hit on the shutter button.
  • Also, to capture a video, tap and hold on the shutter button as well.
  • Therefore, to switch between the cameras double tap on the middle button.

WhatsApp Status Video – Videos Upload

Basically, to upload photos and videos from your gallery, follow these steps below.

  • Firstly, you need to tap on the Gallery button from the bottom –right of your screen. Then tap on the Send button to add it to your Status.

Therefore, you can only post videos of up to 30 seconds on WhatsApp Status Video. However, if a user selects a longer video, you will be asked to trim it to the duration rate before posting it.

Also, if you want to post a video that’s longer than 30 seconds you can as well do it by multiple chunks. Therefore try achieving this in a sequence pick the first 30 seconds video in the first Status. Then proceed to the next 30 seconds video, you can repeat this process as you want.


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