WhatsApp Business – Get Started With WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp business is a fast growing social media platform that gives its users with instant messages, free voice call and even video calls on mobile phone and PC. Also, WhatsApp business is a section of the platform that users can apply to boost your business activities. It is an android app is built with the mind of enhancing small business owners.

WhatsApp Business - Get Started With WhatsApp For Business
WhatsApp Business – Get Started With WhatsApp For Business

More so, the app is totally free of charge for you to download. Therefore, you can use the business app to communicate with your customers with ease. This is however possible with the speed response to messages.


Basically, just like I said before, you can download WhatsApp very easy and explore it smoothly too. Furthermore, there are so many features you can explore on the app to promote your products to users online. This is fast becoming the corner stone of every business owner.

More so, this is just the main point that made WhatsApp to create the business feature. However, giving business owners the chance to build up their business and promote their products far and wide via the app.

Some WhatsApp Business Features

Users can find a lot of features on WhatsApp to create different business opportunity and make more profit in sales.

  • Business Profile: For a user to simply implement the business feature and improve your business and customer base you need to use this feature. Therefore, the feature helps business owners to create a business profile keep all users information and business products too. This are Business address, phone number, business description and email as well.
  • Smart Business Tool: Basically, the feature comes with an instant reply to messages to customers and keep them in line. Also, you can use and reuses again the messages which are sent frequently. Therefore, this helps the business owners reply customers swiftly.
  • WhatsApp Web: This feature, helps all users to access their WhatsApp via your desktop device and PC. More so, users can use this process to set up the WhatsApp profile from any device point you want.
  • Messaging Statistics: Particularly, this features shows statistics that will aid your business report. However,  this keeps the stats and review metrics on sent messages on your device.

How to download the WhatsApp Business App

Basically, for you to download the WhatsApp business app you do not need a lot data. However, you just need your mobile phone or PC with your internet connection. More so, follow the below process to achieve this.

  1. Firstly, you need to have a good working internet connection on their mobile device or PC
  2. Then go straight to your Google play store app and then tap on it.
  3. Right on the search bar type in WhatsApp business and click on the arrow like caption to search.
  4. After the results is list out click on the app and scroll down to locate the download caption then click on it.
  5. When you are through with the download process download and install the app on your device.

After you are though with all the process here, you can open the app and begin to use it on your mobile device or PC. Mind you this app works in all windows software too.

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