WhatsApp Apk – How to Hide WhatsApp Status | WhatsApp Update Download

How to Annotate WhatsApp Apk  on Status

The best way to do this is with Emoji! After users have selected the photo but before he has hit the send button, he will see a selection of editing options. Furthermore, tap on the pencil icon to toggle on the image in any color. Also, the Emoji icon will let you add an Emoji on the status on WhatsApp Apk. Therefore, the text option will allow you to input a floating text over the photo or video.

WhatsApp Apk - How to Hide WhatsApp Status | WhatsApp Update Download
WhatsApp Apk – How to Hide WhatsApp Status | WhatsApp Update Download

Particularly, the best way to add text to Status is by using the caption feature. Just tap on the Add a caption text box to input the text. However, once the user is satisfied with his Status, tap on the Send button. Immediately you hit on the send button your status posted straight away. Therefore, all your WhatsApp contact can then see your status on their device if they click to check status.

How to Post Text and Links

When a user is in the Status section, the user will see two icons; one camera icon, and one pencil icon to share a text update. Users can directly start typing a status update or he can paste in selected text.

Furthermore, to continue you will have to click on the T like icon at the top to change the font. Then click on the paint palette icon to change the background color. Therefore, users can paste in a link here as well and it will show up as a trappable target.

How to Hide WhatsApp status from the Public – WhatsApp Apk

Basically, you can hide your WhatsApp status from everyone from the user’s family, friends, and work colleagues on WhatsApp Apk. However, the user might not want to show his WhatsApp Status to everyone who’s in his address book.

Thanks to WhatsApp Privacy option, users can hide their status from certain contacts or only share their updates with certain contacts. More so, on the Android device, tap on the menu button and select your status privacy. Therefore, to do such on the iPhone, Tap on the Privacy button from the top-right of the Status screen.

How to Mute WhatsApp Status – WhatsApp Update Download

If you are using an Android device, tap and hold on the contact’s name from the Status section and select Mute. Then for iPhone users, they only need to swipe right on the contact’s name and tap on Mute. Furthermore, to un-mute, you have to follow the same process again to un-mute them.

Basically, you can as well access the WhatsApp update download in other to keep using the latest version. However, every update comes with a new feature for users to enjoy. More so, you can as well update your WhatsApp by going to your App store on your mobile app and search for WhatsApp. Since you are already a user you just need ti click on the update caption to update to WhatsApp latest version.

How to Post Multiple WhatsApp Photos at Once – WhatsApp Apk

Users can post multiple WhatsApp Status at the same time. After selecting one photo or video, then click on the + button. Therefore, this from the bottom-left corner and select more photos or videos. Users can post up to 30 updates at the same time.

How to Delete WhatsApp Status

Basically, to carry out this process on iPhone, just click on My Status and then swipe left on any status to reveal the Delete button. After which you can then delete the particular status you want to delete by just clicking the delete button.

How to Take a Screenshot without Being Caught

Therefore, this is one of the ways that WhatsApp status differs from Snapchat Stories feature. However, users can take a screenshot of any WhatsApp Status without alerting the user. So you don’t have to worry about being caught for taking screenshots or short story videos anymore.





















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