Wattpad books is a full global community where reader and publishers come together through the an app with power of stories. The Wattpad stories is so significant because it comes it lots of interesting vibes, either love, romance stories or history there are more fun reading on the platform.


The Wattpad web and app is suitable for writers to publish new interesting and fun stories for readers. More so, this aims to create a well guided social communities around each unique stories for all writers both amateur and established writers.

Hence, the platform and community is safe for 12 years old and kids but it is not recommended for them to read from. Therefore, as a writer you can write whatever stories you wish to tell and you can be sure there is someone to read your story.

Wattpad App

This platform still boost of having a smooth accessible app you can use to swiftly on your mobile phone and desktop computer. However, you can access Wattpad login once on the app to get a full scale of things. More so, you can download the app from the Google app store for android device users or App store for iOS users

Is Wattpad Legal?

It’s a monumental task, but one we take very seriously. Your work is automatically protected under Copyright Law as soon you put it into a fixed format, like writing it down. There are several copyright license options that you can select when posting a story on Wattpad online and you can find them in our Copyrights article.

Join Wattpad

Therefore, to join or sign up for this platform is very easy and the only thing you need is your device and your email address, Facebook account or Google account. Below is how to start reading or start writing on Wattpad studio.

  • open your web browser
  • Type in www.wattpad.com and search. Open the webpage
  • To start reading click on the start reading caption. Then to start writing you will have to click on the start writing caption too.
  • You will be ask to input your email address, Facebook account or google account just pick any one you will like to use to sign up.
  • Next the process will access your date of birth by clicking the ALLOW button.

After, the confirmation you will then be able to access the platform from your mobile device or PC.

Wattpad Log in

The process to login to this platform is easy and you only need to do this just once if you are using the app. However, if you are using the webpage you have to keep logging in anytime you want to access the website. To login just follow this process below.

  • visit website or Wattpad Apk for free.
  • Click on the login caption in the top right corner.
  • input your email address and password or Facebook login details as well as your Google account.

After this you can now start dong anything you want on the Watt pad Apk webpage. After which you can now start reading or even write any article for free.