Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Harsh Decisions – VAR English Premier League

The video assistant referee (VAR) harsh decisions in the English premier league is no doubt an issue of concern to most football lovers. However, most people feel the ruling out of some nice goals in the premier league this season was too harsh. More so, most football fans do not seem to like most of the decision from the video assistant referee stand.

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Harsh Decisions – English Premier League
Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Harsh Decisions – English Premier League

Furthermore, some football fans and the Tipcrewblog sport crew feel this video assistant referee technology is killing the game of football. Basically, one sad thing about it is that if you like it as a football fans because it has rule in favor of your team sometime, also know that in some other point it will be against your team.

More so, this article is not to condemn the technology but to bring out the fact that the video assistant referee (VAR) harsh decision making is killing football. However, most club football fans also, have their own opinion about the VAR issues. Basically, these issues are rising from the offside lines from the VAR offside line technology.

I am going to be pointing out some instances in the previous English premier league match games were some club fans were unhappy with the decision of (VAR).  However, whatever ways you see the issues it totally up to your own opinion.

Liverpool vs Wolves – Liverpool defeat Wolves 1-0 | Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Harsh Decisions

The Liverpool vs Wolves game of the match day 20 for Wolves and 19 for Liverpool was a game of mix reactions as the red fought for a win over Wolves. More so, Wolves came out very strong against Liverpool hoping to force a win but did not succeed in the encounter.

Particularly, the most controversial part of the game was the VAR decision that disallowed Wolves Pedro Neto first goal for his club. However, this goal is supposed to be the game changer of the encounter as Wolves come back to equalize on a 1-1 score line. But the VAR decision was an offside coming from a slim line from Jonny arm the Wolves winger. Therefore, the pass of Jonny led to the goal so the VAR team ruled out the goal.

Manchester City vs Sheffield United – Man city Wins Sheffield 2-0

Another game was the man city and Sheffield united game. Therefore, the game was a hard nut for man city to crack as they tried to break down the defense line of Sheffield united. Basically, one of the unhappy parts of the game was the disallowing of Mousset goal. This is still on match week 20 of the 2019-2020 English premier league season.

Furthermore, Sheffield united hit mac city on the break with a smart long through ball from Jon Fleck that found the foot of Mousset. More so, Mousset did not waste any time in finding the net of man city net in the 28th minute of the game to give Sheffield a 1-0 win. However, the celebrations of the Sheffield team were caught short as the VAR team did not give the goal.

Southampton vs Crystal Palace – Southampton Draw with Crystal Palace 1-1

One game that witnesses a harsh decision of the VAR team again was the match between Southampton and crystal palace. The video assistant referee did not award the first goal of the game due to an offside decision. However, the game ended on a 1-1 draw but the fans of crystal palace were not happy as they felt they should have taken all three points from that game if their first goal was not taken off.

Wilfred Zaha perform a spectacular dribble move to makes a decent pass to Mayer to who finish the process with a fantastic shot. But the VAR did not award his goal because, the VAR decision caught Zaha with a slight offside on his arm.

Burnley vs Aston Villa – Burnley lost to Aston villa 1-2 Match week 21

Burnley face defect at home to Aston Villa, whereby giving villa a lift from the relegation zone. However, there were some highlights of the game as Aston villa first goal was over turn by the VAR team. Furthermore, the goal was term as an offside play. This did not go well with the villa fans but the later victory which has sky rocket them out of relegation sealed the day.

Conclusion – Video Assistant Referee (VAR) Harsh Decisions

Every football fan have their say on the issue of VAR but Tipcrewblog feels the recent Video assistant referee (VAR) harsh decisions on offside play is extreme. However, you can as well leave your comment on this view below of what you think about video assistant referee. Therefore, this is  in regards to the English premier league.

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