The Twitter new account is a better version of the social media platform. However, in this present dispensation twitter have a reform features and of their new account. More so, the new feature of the twitter new account has settled most of the issue’s users do face in the old one. Furthermore, people using their PC can now use it to access the platform easily. Therefore, if you have a data connection on your device you can use your mobile phone to access the twitter app as well.


Basically, the twitter new account has more features than the old twitter account. Also, you cannot under estimate the feature update of the new account to the old one. More so, the user can control their privacy setting to suit their profile account and style. Basically, the twitter new account comes with a variety of new features and a upgrade of some old one too. There a lot of features to for users to lay their hands on even the twitter advertising tool feature is a good one for business owners. Furthermore, we are going to be looking at some of the features you can find on the new account.

The Twitter New Account Features

There are features on the twitter account that is built for users to easily access and as well make use of. Therefore, on this section of this article I will be pointing out some of the new features as well as using them.

  • Twitter New Account Timeline

On your twitter account timeline, you