Train Station Attendant Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

Train Station Attendant Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship. I can see you want information about the role of a train station attendant or worker.

Train station attendants play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of train stations and the safety and convenience of passengers. Here’s an overview of their responsibilities, duties, and qualifications.

Train Station Attendant Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship - APPLY NOW

Who is a Train Station Worker?

A train station attendant worker is an individual employed at a train station who is responsible for various tasks related to the operation and customer service at the station. Their duties typically revolve around ensuring the smooth functioning of the train station and providing assistance to passengers.

Responsibilities of a Train Station Attendant and Duties

  • Customer Service as a Train station attendants are often the first point of contact for passengers. They provide information about schedules, fares, and routes, and assist passengers with purchasing tickets and finding their way around the station.
  • A train station ticket worker sell tickets, check passengers’ tickets, and assist with ticketing issues or concerns.
  • Platform Management: Attendants ensure that passengers board and disembark safely, and they may help with crowd control during peak travel times.
  • Also, they are responsible for the safety of passengers and station facilities. Therefore, this includes monitoring the platform and station for safety hazards and addressing them promptly.
  • Some attendants may be responsible for basic maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and tidying up the station, restrooms, and waiting areas.
  • More so, in case of emergencies, train station attendants may be trained to provide basic first aid, evacuate passengers, and coordinate with emergency services.

Train Station Attendant Qualifications and Skills

  1. Customer service skills, good communication and interpersonal skills are essential for assisting passengers and resolving issues.
  2. Having knowledge and familiarity with train schedules, routes, and ticketing systems is important. Training may be provided on the job.
  3. Physical fitness is important. The job may involve standing for long periods, walking, and sometimes lifting or carrying luggage.
  4. Attendants should be able to handle unexpected situations calmly and efficiently. Therefore, problem solving skills is valuable.
  5. Also, emergency training skills is some positions may require basic first aid training and emergency response knowledge.
  6. Dependability, punctuality and reliability are crucial because train stations must operate according to a strict schedule.

Education and Training of Train Station Attendant Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are typically no strict educational requirements for becoming a train station attendant, and many positions may only require a high school diploma or equivalent. However, on-the-job training is common, where new attendants learn about station operations, ticketing systems, and safety procedures.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a train station attendant, you can check with local transportation authorities or train station management companies for job openings and specific requirements. The exact qualifications and job responsibilities may vary depending on the location and the specific employer.

Estimated Salaries of Different Jobs in USA

How to Apply Train Station Attendant Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

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Transfer Station Attendant

Gilpin County

Black Hawk, CO 80422

$16.69 – $19.62 an hour – Full-time

Shift Information: Wednesday – Sunday
Salary Information: $16.69 – $22.54
Hiring Range: $16.69 – $19.62 per hour DOQ.

Main Job Duties

  • Operates heavy equipment such as roll-off truck, semi-truck w/walking floor trailer, rubber tire loader, excavator, compactor, grinding equipment and any other solid waste vehicle/machinery as deemed necessary. Completes paperwork per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. (30%)
  • Performs preventative maintenance on all equipment assigned (i.e., equipment must be kept clean and free of debris; and perform proper pre- and post-trip inspections). Performs routine maintenance of vehicles and/or equipment assigned to them as needed. (15%)
  • Assists and advises residents and the public on proper disposal options within our facility and provides direction to these options. Assists as necessary elderly, disabled, handicapped, and other customers with the disposal of their items. This includes but is not limited to carrying trash bags to the compactor; recycle items to the recycle bin and unloading debris. Assists residents and the public in a respectful, friendly manner when approached with questions. (13%)
  • Collects appropriate fees, documents them according to office procedures and utilizes the cash register according to county guidelines. Balances cash register drawer at end of each shift/day and prepare deposits. (13%)

Other Duties

  • Screens and monitors vehicles for hazardous waste or unauthorized waste. When loads fall outside of regulation parameters, advises residents of proper disposal options outside our organization. (5%)
  • Picks up trash, debris and other refuse as needed ensuring Transfer Station work area remains clean and orderly. (5%)
  • Assists in ensuring equipment, vehicles and machinery is cleaned and presentable at all times. (5%)
  • Assists co-workers in the safe handling of refuse and in other duties as appropriate. (5%)
  • When workload permits, monitors deliveries by verifying that loads conform to posted regulations outside of our organization. (2%)
  • Opens and closes all entrances into transfer site each day of operation. (2%)
  • Removes snow from the transfer station walks, concrete areas, parking and yard areas prior to business hours and during business hours. (2%)

Additional Job Duties: (3%)

  • Cross trains in other areas of Solid Waste and Public Works Department, as appropriate.
  • Participates in snow and ice control activities for Public Works Department as needed.
  • Performs other appropriate duties as assigned by the Director of Public Works, Public Works Operations Supervisor or Solid Waste Team Leader and any duties needed to stabilize an emergency situation.


  • Required to work weekends and may be required to work evenings.

Job Type: Full-time

On Board Service Train Attendant – Lorton (Auto Train)

  • $35.3K – $44.7K a year is Indeed’s estimated salary for this role in Lorton, VA.


Provide all related station services at the Auto Train Terminal, as directed by the District Manager Stations or Lead Ticket Agent. These duties to include but not limited to ticketing, reservations, passengers and automobile loading and unloading, greeting passengers, validating tickets, providing verbal and written directions to passengers, check-in, vehicle inspection to confirm acceptable clearance, making announcements and performing “Redcap” duties and other duties as assigned. Amtrak/TCU Auto Train Agreement applies.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS – Train Station Attendant Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

This person must have a thorough knowledge of all ticketing procedures. Must be familiar with Arrow and Stars. Must be able to work well under stressful situations; paying close attention to details and to accuracy of work.


Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Requisition ID:76446
Posting Location(s):Virginia
Job Family/Function:Transportation
Relocation Offered:No
Travel Requirements:Up to 100%


Train Attendant – SPRINTER

North County Transit District

22 reviews

Escondido, CA 92025

$1,392 a month – Full-time

Essential Functions

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fulfills the District’s mission to provide of safe, reliable, and user-friendly public transit services for the SPRINTER rail mode. Emphasis is on providing high-quality, customer-friendly services, that reflect unified operations throughout the District.
  • Ensure compliance with all train orders, signals, railroad operating rules and regulations for safety, operations, and compliance with all DOT and CPUC rules and regulations.
  • Assist with the safe boarding and de-boarding of passengers, including passengers with disabilities or any passenger needing assistance.
  • Review instructions from dispatchers and discuss with Train Operator and any other train crew members to ensure comprehension and compliance.
  • Inspect all equipment on cars prior to departures and document on pre-trip inspection checklists.
  • Clear passengers from trains at the end of each run and help ensure train cleanliness by picking up light trash, spills, etc.
  • Assist in response to passenger medical emergencies on board trains.
  • Assist and instruct train crews to couple and uncouple cars, operate switches, and make minor repairs to railcards, including replacing heavy couplings or air brake hoses.
  • Diagnose minor malfunctions and perform minor maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure ongoing safe and efficient operations.
  • Also, reporting to Operations Control Center by radio to give or receive information and instructions concerning stops, delays, or service changes.

Other Functions

  • Ensure passenger safety and situational awareness during any delays or disruptions to service due to emergencies, mechanical issues, etc., in accordance with applicable NCTD Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Promote compliance with NCTD Rider Guide Rules of Riding, Ordinances, and any other applicable NCTD Policies and Procedures.
  • Complete applicable reports and any other required documentation as needed based on the specific nature of any incident or issue that occurs while on duty.
  • Perform fare checks and issue citations for violations of the regional fare policy.
  • Perform duties as Train Operator which include but are not limited to: Inspect train for operational readiness by making Federal Transit Administration and District required checks and tests; Operate a passenger train consist in a safe and proficient manner, understanding air brake and train handling principles (if required to maintain dual qualification under Union Agreement).
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.



  • High school diploma or equivalent GED.
  • Minimum two years prior work experience in a service-focused position.
  • Basic mechanical skills to perform simple procedures and repairs.

A combination of experience/skills and education to fulfill the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities for this position may be considered.


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Flexible spending account
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Vision insurance

This are some info for you to go through in other to get a train station job. Also, you can find other job info in USA on this article.


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