Tender is one of the free online dating website which you can trust and as well find a perfect date. More so, this dating platform also prides itself with an app which is the tender app you sometimes see online. Furthermore, Finding a date in this present dispensation is somehow a feel that is inevitable from singles and its on the mind of so many young singles.

Tender - Free Dating Site | Match, swipe and Date Singles
Tender – Free Dating Site | Match, swipe and Date Singles

Basically, young people i.e. the ones that are of the age to look for a date, sometimes experience frustrating in getting one. However, search for a good date can be somehow time consuming for young singles.

Therefore, finding love with the tender dating website or app is easy. Furthermore, this is the reason why so many singles fall back to the internet to find love. Particularly, many of the dating sites are normal not free to access. More so, their users do pay in other to access the platform. This dating platform is very active and not like other dating website where you we have to subscribe for their services. However, tender dating platform is a complete free dating site for all singles and those finding love online.

Basically, the real motive of this dating platform is to help or assist singles find love without paying for any service what so ever online. Therefore, as a user you can send and as well receive instant messages on the website or app for free. Also, as a user on the platform you can as well view other users profile page and other services on the platform for free. More so, all the services which you can find on the website are also very much accessible on the mobile app as well.

How to Sign up on Tender

Basically, signing up on this very dating platform is easy and straight forward. Therefore, you do not need to go through so many processes and documentations to sign up on the platform. To achieve this process just follow the steps below.

  1. Log on the website page which is www.tender.com
  2. The First page will open having a sign in caption at the top right corner. Furthermore, a drop-down roll menu pops up showing captions for you to indicate whether you are a woman, man or a couple.
  3. Next is for you to select your status either married, single, seeing someone, in an open relationship or in a complicated relationship. Click the join now button below.
  4. In the next page opens to select your country and city you reside. Furthermore, click the next caption below.

Final Step to Sign up

  • Input your date of birth.
  • Also, input your username. This will actually be public as it will be your identification name on the platform.
  • Craft out a good password.
  • Input your email address.
  • Lastly, you will have to confirm your email address once more to proceed.

Basically, one of the aspects of the signing up process is for you as a user to choose and tick the gender you are interested in. This is very essential as it will help in the website algorithm to distribute the sex in which you are looking for.

  • Woman
  • Men
  • Couples

Therefore after completing filling out all the registration form processes, your sign up is fully complete. Furthermore, as a new user you can then access the dating platform from your mobile device or laptop. Note: you can as well access the signing up process simply from your mobile device or PC provided you have a good internet connection