I believe that every one of us that is here, knows about Skype but today we will be looking into a new aspect of Skype. In my today article, I will be discussing Skype For Business Online. I am sure that you have not been able to search for this kind of stuff on the internet before, to see if you can use Skype for your business. Well, there are lots you can grab from this article that you are looking into right now.

Skype For Business Online - Install Skype for Business Online | Skype for Business App & Microsoft Docs
Skype For Business Online – Install Skype for Business Online | Skype for Business App & Microsoft Docs

Skype for business online is known to be an instant messaging enterprise platform or you can call it software. And it is used along with the Skype for business server or on Skype business online. The developer of skype for business is the Microsoft corporation and an announcement were made that the business on skype of skype for business is going to replace Microsoft Lync in the year 2015 and that was 4 years back.

Skype Review

This service refers to a new version or looks of the Skype site or platform which can be used for business dealings. Furthermore, the app comes with lots of features that users can easily use. More so,  features like instant messaging which I have already mentioned before, voice and video calls.

Also, conferencing, and with some other wonderful communication features. Let get these straight forward, skype for business online really means that you have to access it through the office 365 by using your Microsoft account. That means if you do not have a Microsoft account or Microsoft docs, you cannot access the skype for business.

Create Microsoft Account 

To create a Microsoft account, you have to visit www.microsoft.com on your browser, you will see the sign-in link at the top of the homepage. But if you already have an account with Microsoft platform before all you need to do is to log in your account, that’s all.

Skype for Business App

Therefore, users who are looking forward to download the App can as well do so by visiting the Google play store on their device. You only need a good internet connection to download and install the App to your device. Also, you can still get the app on the App store as well.

How to Access Business on Skype

At this time, we will be looking at the process on how to access the business deal part on skype. All that you need to do is to follow the steps that I will be listing down this paragraph. You know that what we are discussing is all about skype for business online and nothing more and that has been what I have been telling you about.

  • First of all, you have to visit the Microsoft platform by going to microsoft.com on your browser and after that;
  • Login your Microsoft account and let proceed to the next stage.
  • After logging in your account, you will a section that says “All Microsoft” with a drop-down arrow at the front.
  • Click on it and click skype.
  • Then you need to click on the “More” button at the top of the screen. Also,  enter your product and hit on skype for business below the displayed page.
  • On the other side of the page, you will find “Get office 365” click on it and follow the other steps below.
  • At this stage, you have to choose your plan and there is not a free plan for office 365, so you have to pay for the plan you want to use.
  • After you might have done all the necessary details, you can now make use of Skype for business.

Please when carrying out all these steps, you need to follow the steps very carefully and make sure you provide the right details when signing up on it.