I do believe you have probably heard before now, that you can sign in with Facebook. It is actually easy to log into Facebook. What the phrase or keyword “Sign in with Facebook” means is that you can easily sign in to an existing account using only your Facebook account. However, the account you want to sign in to must first be linked be your Facebook account.

Sign In with Facebook - Log into Facebook | My Facebook Account
Sign In with Facebook – Log into Facebook | My Facebook Account

Facebook is an online community that allows sending and receiving message for free. Facebook currently have over five million active users and you can join them today. Creating a Facebook account today is free and you literally have nothing to lose.

My Facebook Account

With Facebook, you can now send messages to anyone irrespective of the distance and you can be sure that the message got delivered. However, the people you wish to send messages to must be a user on the platform. Apart from just sending and receiving messages, there are a couple of amazing things you can also do on the platform.

You could make use of the amazing social media for dating, finding friends and so on. If you want to always be with your account on all times, you can quickly download the platform official app. Downloading this app is free as well.

How Sign In With Facebook Works

Sign in with Facebook works in a rather simple way. All you need to do is make sure the site or platform you want to login to Facebook has the Facebook login option. If it does, then link your Facebook account to the platform or site.

One can manually do this by using their Facebook account to access the Facebook app, site or messenger. If you’ve already signed up but you didn’t use your Facebook account, visit the site, app or platform help center to find out how to link it to your Facebook account.

How to Sign in with Facebook

The steps below will show you how to easily log into Facebook on other sites, apps or platforms.

  • Get your internet connected device and access the site, platform or app you wish to sign in with your FB account on.
  • Locate and tap on the sign in box.
  • Tap on the Facebook sign in option.
  • The process will prompt you to sign in your Fb account. Simply do so and follow the on-screen instructions.

Above is how to sign in to your account using your FB account.