Pochettino Sacked – Tottenham Welcomes Jose Mourinho as New Manager

Hey!! It’s a shocker to me sitting here in front of my computer and wondering, how did this happen? Pochettino sacked by the Tottenham management. Furthermore, it’s never news to know that the premier league it’s full of surprises. Who would thought that after Mauricio Pochettino has carried Tottenham football club to their first ever champions league final just 171 days ago would be sack by Tottenham.

Pochettino Sacked - Tottenham Welcomes Jose Mourinho as New Manager
Pochettino Sacked – Tottenham Welcomes Jose Mourinho as New Manager

Basically, sacking football managers in the premier league is one thing that is very common. Therefore, this will make Pochettino the second football manager that was sacked in the premier league. However, most football lover things sacking Pochettino is a sign that shows that the premier league is a league with results. Therefore, as a football manager in England if you can’t produce positive results or start producing bad result the sack is knocking on your door.

More so, Tipcrew soccer corner thinks this is a good sign for Manchester football club as Pochettino would be a nice replacement for Ole Gunner Solskjaer the Man united coach. Pochettino is from Argentina and he is considered as one of the world football tactician.

However, the 2019-2020 season campaign has been very tough for the Argentine as Tottenham sitting on 14 positions at the bottom half of the premier league table. Tottenham has played twelve games, just wining only three of the twelve. Particularly, the north London side has suffered a lot of set back this season but they are still on the champion’s league table.

Jose Mourinho is Tottenham New Football Manager

The king of master tactics is at Tottenham Hotspur. Jose Mourinho is not having any football management contract after the sacking of Manchester football club. But today, Mourinho now have a new contract with Tottenham hotspur football club after the sacking of Pochettino. However, Tipcrew soccer corner thinks this is a big challenge for all premier league managers especially Solskjaer Manchester United manager.

Five things to Know about Pochettino

Particularly, Tipcrew soccer corner glance through some stuffs about the Argentine tactician. However, we want to to let soccer’s fans know about them.

  1. The Argentine tactician Pochettino sign to be the head coach of Tottenham in 2014. Also,  contributing greatly to the building of the white hart lane stadium. Therefore this is Tottenham official stadium.
  2. Pochettino is the first coach to led Tottenham to a champion’s league final. Therefore, this is were they lost to premier league side Liverpool.
  3. Pochettino is a master football tactician and love to improve young players.
  4. Since Pochettino came to Tottenham he has improve the team to a top six premier league side.
  5. Therefore, there are only three teams Pochettino has managed up till date which are Espanyol, Southampton and Tottenham.

Pochettino leaves  Tottenham hotspurs without any trophies but with a nice legacy they can build on. Basically, you can as well get more stuffs about Pochettino by clicking on this link >>>>>

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