Pinterest search is an easy way of finding things on the Pinterest platform. However, the new Pinterest search engine is a very active one to benefit its users. The new feature has a way of facilitating search result in terms of bringing it quick and fast. Therefore, when you want to search for photos, Pinterest users, videos, boards and pins on Pinterest you can do it with ease.


Basically, the process is to just type in the particular thing you want to search and click the search icon to see its results. One aspect of Pinterest users id to locate different trending contents on items for them to purchase. Therefore, the search will help you to accomplish that process very easily. Furthermore, Pinterest is diversifying in search result now like other big name in the market like Google search, Yahoo search, Bing etc.

Pinterest Search Features

We all know how the Pinterest platform runs in terms of navigating your account. But most people do not know the features of the search engine on Pinterest. Here, I will be pointing out some features of the Pinterest search engine.

  • Improve Search Suggestions

The profaned performance of the search is created in a way to bring out the exact content in which you are looking. Especially, if you want to search for contents on Pinterest it will provide the main result and as well bring some result suggestions too.

  • Spelling checking

Most users using the search engine to search for content do make errors in typing the search term. However, the search keyword spelling checker helps to complete the exact word phrase the users is trying to type. More so, it also brings out suggestions for you to choose if the one it has suggested is not the right word.

  • Search Result

The feature helps the user save search terms that they have run a search on before. Therefore when a user clicks on the search bar it will automatically bring out the word for you to re-lunch on the search bar. Furthermore, this feature is very helpful and you can as well try it to see how it is functioning.

How to Use Pinterest Search on the Mobile App – Pinterest Image

Specifically, on the Pinterest app on their mobile phone users can use it to search for content and as photos and videos too. More so, they can take photographs and as well search on them from your mobile device to view them or send. Below are the steps to use the app on mobile.

  • Lunch your Pinterest mobile app.
  • Then login to your Pinterest account.
  • Hit on the search bar icon to proceed
  • Type in a word relating to the image you want or you can decide to choose it from your gallery.
  • Then click on the round icon you see on your screen.

The different photos you want will then appear for you to view and as well save to your Pinterest board. Therefore, if you want to search from the gallery you most first download the images to view them.

How to Access Pinterest Search Engine on PC

As a Pinterest users who use to access your account on PC you can still use of the search engine with your computer system.  This process is very simple and all users can carry it out by themselves.

  • Login to your Pinterest account.
  • Look the upper part of the page you will find a search bar
  • Type in any search term you want to search for and click enter

Furthermore, Pinterest will therefore initiate a search for you and quickly see results of what you want. More so, you can try it out today and enjoy quick and reliable results straight with your Pinterest account.