I have been on the Facebook and Instagram for a long time and I was missing out on something that would have me get the perfect ideas and image for my status. My friends kept talking about the services and how the services are best for sharing and a great place to display one’s creativeness. So I decide to get more details on the social media platform. Then find out the socials media platform was called Pinterest. Therefore, the platform can help promotes your business quickly and with stress.


If you have heard the word from friends and relative or came across it on any website. But you don’t know what it means and how to get started. Here on the side of the article, you will have the full details of what the service is and if you are convinced that it has so hottest content on the web. You can drive in by creating an account which will be shown below.

What is Pinterest?

Particularly this is an extremely simple website that pictures out of other social media platform in term of collective images. Concerning upload and downloading images, Pinterest is the number one which focuses its main object to millions of users to have the privileged of sharing photos on a board style.

The motto of the services is to provide businesses and entrepreneurs to stay connected with people around the world in form of pictures. So that users can find things that will interest them and also get an idea on building structures or plans.

Pinterest has been on the social media platform for about eight years and was design by the following people Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. The service has almost close to having 200 million active users and requires a registration process. Users are debating on how good the benefit is to most users. Here is a quick review on why you should try out the services.

Why you should use Pinterest – Pinterest Everything

For users looking for images of their favorite celebrities, cars, and ideas for house planning. The Pinterest everything is the one-stop image shopping that allows you to save pictures, videos that will be of benefit to your business. Also, it is the perfect tool for photographer, bloggers, event planners and other social media platform to get more customers to their website by creating a project. This project call board when you create the board of your interest it allows other users to pin images and also follow you.

For instance, you need a decorating plan for your house with the use of this platform you can get pictures of house planning and also create a board that allows other users to also visit your pin by attaching a website link. However, the focus attraction of the platform is the images and the traffic it generates when users click on the image which directs them to your site.

How to Join Pinterest – Pinterest Sign up

Pinterest is also one of the platforms that allow users to make use of any access means. Either the website www.pinterest.com or download the Pinterest app from Google play or App store on your devices to join the platform. Below, is a view of how to visit the website.

  • Therefore, you can click on the above link. Better still lunch the URL www.pinterest.com.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Choose your age and click continues.
  • Then select your gender and languages then your country.

How to Create Pinterest Board – Pinterest App

As a first timer on the platform you ask to select things that interest you and after the click “done”. Note that if you want to save images to it can be done through the Pinterest app on your phones. To create boards just click on the red save icon called pins on the image. Then click “create boards” and fill out your board details.  There you can finally enjoy the services that the platform provides for users.