The term Pinterest login means accessing your Pinterest account that is, it is just a simple way for Pinterest users to gain full access to their account. However, if you are creating your account their option to access your Pinterest account from that point as well. More so, there are three gateways in which you can use to access your Pinterest account. These three ways are

  • Google account
  • Facebook account
  • Lastly, accessing your Pinterest account via the normal Pinterest login. Therefore, this is either via web or the Pinterest app.
Pinterest Login - Pinterest Sign Up and Sign in | How to Recover Pinterest Account
Pinterest Login – Pinterest Sign Up and Sign in | How to Recover Pinterest Account

These login processes are optional and not compulsory. Therefore, you can choose to either login with any of them provided you have your login details. Furthermore, one login process will are going to be looking out in the article is the Pinterest app login. One thing you have to bear in mind is that this login processes is the same for all the process as all will log you to your Pinterest account.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the only platform that provides users with a high traffic y creating board and posting of pictures of your business and thoughts. More so, users can as well download these photos and even short videos to their mobile device or PC.

Furthermore, users on the platform can still save this photos and short video clips on their Pinterest board. You can create these boards on your own and start saving media files whenever you access Pinterest sign in.

Pinterest Board Ideas

Therefore, there are some boards that is on the Pinterest platform that are very rich and can promote your post fast e.g.

  • Travel Boards
  • Cooking and Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Home Decorations
  • Workout and Body Exercise and some others

Pinterest Sign in Requirements

Particularly, there is some requirement for you to have in other to fulfill the login process effectively. The requirement is simple and they are things you already know about.

  1. You need to have a Pinterest account.
  2. Your login email and password.
  3. The Pinterest website or Pinterest app.
  4. A working mobile or PC device.
  5. Lastly, you need a good internet data connection.

These are just the basic things that any user that want to login to their account will have to possess in other to gain access to Pinterest platform.

Pinterest Sign up

To sign up or register to have an account on the Pinterest platform just follow the steps below.

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the Sign up caption to begin
  3. Next fill in the sign up form with your information
  4. After you are through you can click on complete or sign up to access your account.

hen you can start organizing your Pinterest account can creating boards and adding pins to them. Explore through the boards they will provide you to style your account.

Pinterest Login – Pinterest Sign in

Basically, if you have the requirements as a Pinterest user to access your Pinterest account then follow the below steps to login in.

  • Lunch any web browser on your device or better still use the Pinterest app.
  • Type in the URL and hit on the login caption you see at the top right-hand side of the page.
  • Input your email address and password.
  • Furthermore, click on the login caption to gain access to your account.

This is the process to access your Pinterest account. However, you can still login using your Facebook account or Google account.

Pinterest login with Facebook and Google

Just like I have been mentioning, you can access your account in different ways and the Facebook and Google account login process is some of those ways. Therefore, to achieve this just follow the below procedure.

  • Open the Pinterest login page and click on the login caption.
  • Below the page you will find a Facebook and Google icon
  • Furthermore, after selecting the icon which you can to login with a page will come up to continue to accept the process.

After accepting the terms and condition of using the service to access you’re a Pinterest account you can then proceed without stress.

Pinterest Login - Pinterest Sign Up and Sign in
Pinterest Login – Pinterest Sign Up and Sign in

How to Recover Pinterest Account

To recover your Pinterest password is easy provided you remember the email you use while accessing the Pinterest sign up. More so, to get your Pinterest account back makes use of this method.

  1. Access the Pinterest login page as if you want to login to your account.
  2. Locate the forget password caption below the page.
  3. Input the email address in the space they will provide for you and click to continue.

Therefore, the platform will send a message to your email account as a means to verify if it is yours and also, your password. More so, you can change your password from that point if you feel you cannot remember the old one always.

Pinterest Login Problems

There are some login problems that users on Pinterest always do encounter while using the platform. Therefore, these login issues are not sometime that is very tedious to resolve. Particularly, when Pinterest users face this issues they find it hard to access their Pinterest account. This give them some course to worry while trying to access their account. More so, on this section we are going to be looking at Pinterest login problems and possible solutions to them all.

  • Forget Password or Incorrect Password

This is one aspect of Pinterest login problem that is very common to many Pinterest users. Basically, if we are to judge from the percentage of users that face this problem it will be 70% to 100. This simply implies that most users on the Pinterest social media platform are facing this issue.

More so, if you want to resolve this issue just click the forget password caption on the login page. Input your email address which is your account email. A notification will be sent to the email to recover your password and as well reset it. Therefore, this is the same process like the above section on how to recover Pinterest account.

  • Pinterest account Suspension

This is a problem that few users on the platform do encounter. Because, before this will happen you most have violated the Pinterest policy terms more than once before your account will be suspended. Most times this come from the service terms of security, in other to keep line with the safe policy of the platform.

There are also times where they will suspend your account and it will be an error from the service network. If this type of issue happens to your account what you need to do is to make an appeal to the Pinterest service.

How to Resolve Pinterest Account Suspension

Particularly, you can make the appeal when you visit the help center which is to resolve all the issues that are relating to your account suspension. Furthermore, the help center is available to all Pinterest users to help them solve any problem they encounter.