Basically, the first page you will see on Pinterest online is the Pinterest home page where you can see style inspiration, home ideas and recipe. More so, this page do displays a lot of Pinterest features and as well the  Pinterest sign up page and Pinterest login section to your Pinterest account. This homepage setup takes you straight to your account or the process to register on the platform.

Pinterest Home - How to Access Pinterest Online for Pinterest Images
Pinterest Home – How to Access Pinterest Online for Pinterest Images

Right on the home page and login process you can then start seeing different Pinterest pins and and banners. Also, you will get the Pinterest logo icon on your mobile phone as well. More so, you can choose to download the Pinterest app for a smooth access to the Pinterest platform. Therefore, with the Pinterest app on your iOS and android device you can access the Pinterest home feature. Furthermore, this is after you have access Pinterest app download.

Pinterest Images

Pinterest image is unique because of its mode of operation. This is base on the fact that you can make unique pins with lovely photos ideas and post them on your Pinterest board.

Also, you can use this process to boost your page and business ideas as well. More so, the platform boost of millions of users and more interactive photo idea activeness. However, posting unique Pinterest pins on a particular idea helps in connecting you to other like minded Pinterest users just like this ones below.

  • Pinterest wall decor
  • Pinterest living room
  • Also, Pinterest home decor ideas
  • Pinterest farmhouse
  • Pinterest decorating
  • Others are Pinterest house ideas
  • Pinterest wall art
  • Picture frame decorating ideas Pinterest

How to Access Pinterest Online

Particularly, to access the Pinterest nz platform you have to follow some process for you to start using the Pinterest app on your mobile phone. More so, we do refer to this process as Pinterest sign up or Pinterest registration.

  • First, type in the URL
  • Then open the app and input the web link on your browser.
  • Type in your email address and password on the box to continue.
  • Furthermore, type in your age and then click “continue” caption
  • Choose your gender and nationality.
  • Pick your ideas of interest on the list shown on screen. Therefore this will form the ideas of pins your will see on your account.
  • Lastly, click on next and all is set.

However, if you already posses an account on Pinterest you can just hit on the Pinterest login” caption and  input your email address and password. More so, you will be directed right to the Pinterest homepage where you will start seeing pin ideas and boards.

How to Add Pinterest Icon and Image

Therefore, to add image to your Pinterest home you have to make use of some process. More so, this is not a hard or lengthy process to access. However, you have to first login to your Pinterest account.

  • Make sure you are sign in to your account.
  • Then right at the top of the page click on the explore cation.
  • After which click on the Plus add option. This will make you to add image pin ideas
  • To add the Pinterest icon you have to use the category section to add it.

Basically, on each of the categories which you will click on it will print out a Pinterest home icon on your mobile device or PC.