PayPal sign up free makes payment system easy for you to pay online anywhere in the world. More so, you do not need a bank account to sign up to PayPal. However, this payment is very easy to use and as well to register on PayPal. Also, you can open a paypal account online near you.

PayPal Sign up and Pay Online With PayPal Anywhere
PayPal Sign up and Pay Online With PayPal Anywhere

The PayPal sign up is the process whereby users most go through in order to use this payment platform. Therefore, there is way to use this fast and easy payment system without first signing up to it.

Furthermore, the statistic of users on the platform is about 267 million. This is to say there are a lot of people using this payment system. More so, users can send and receive money from friends, family and as well companies via PayPal.

PayPal Sign Up

Particularly, one interesting thing is that it is a very secure payment platform. Therefore you do not need to worry about your funds going into the wrong hands. Users on the platform can as well checkout with PayPal from online stores all over the world.

However, I must say that, this is one of the huge benefits of accessing PayPal sign up to use the platform.

Basically, on this article I am going to be showing you how to access PayPal sign up so as to start enjoying easy online payment transfers. This unique type of payment system just shows how our world is driven by technology.

Types of PayPal Account

There are two types of account you can open with PayPal. However, these accounts are design to fit the needs of online business owners as well as online shopping. Interestingly, you can use or access PayPal from your mobile device or PC.

1. Personal PayPal Account

The personal account type on PayPal is basically for users who want to make online payments. Therefore, it gives users the access to send funds to other people’s personal PayPal accounts (Phone Numbers or PayPal email address) as fast as possible.

Furthermore you can as well use this to make payments to millions of online stores all over the globe as well have said before. Also, users can as well collect point’s eligible card reward points by using the platform in making payments. This account is a free account to use with no fees attach.

2. Business PayPal Account

PayPal business account is for those people and business who wish to receive payments online. Here you can accept a multiple flow of payments. Therefore, this is with just a single PayPal account. Particularly business owners will prefer this account for online payments as it will easy their online payments.

However, the account comes with some benefits like acceptance of visa debit card as well as credit card too. More so, all it really do not implies any monthly fees. As users can make secure payments and get paid speedily with PayPal checkout and online invoicing.

Benefits of Using PayPal Account

  • One of the advantages of using PayPal is no High chargeback fees.
  • Less fees than a typical merchant (credit card processing) account.
  • No unnecessary account suspension for terms and conditions (T&C) violations that can freeze your funds for months.
  • Funds only take 2 or less business days to get your money.
  • Customer support service 24/7

How to Sign up on PayPal

Signing up on PayPal is very simple and easy, provided you follow all the process that is due. More so, I am going to be pointing out the steps to take in registering for PayPal account.

  1. Go to the PayPal website or better still open the PayPal App.
  2. Hit the Sign up for free caption or tap Sign Up.
  3. Input your personal Email address and create a secure password.
  4. A form page will appear, fill out the form by providing your personal information.
  5. The next is for you to optionally enter your debit or credit card details.
  6. The user should optionally enter their bank account information.

Mind you entering of your credit or debit card details, as well as your bank details is variably optional. So these are the steps you need to follow to sign up on PayPal website.