The PayPal app is the easiest way for PayPal users to access their PayPal account with just one click. Unfortunately, most PayPal users do not know how to download the PayPal App. Therefore, some users just keep logging in via the PayPal website page.

PayPal App - Download PayPal App and Transfer Money Easily | PayPal Account
PayPal App – Download PayPal App and Transfer Money Easily | PayPal Account

Particularly, some users think they cannot get all the features on the web page as same as the PayPal app. Basically, this is not true because you can actually do and as well access all the features of this online payment platform on the app as well.

More so, the PayPal App gives users the ability to skip entering their PayPal login details regularly. However, this is to say when you download the app you only need to input your user email and password once and it will automatically save your login details.

Therefore, this article is going to be giving you insight of how to download PayPal app on your android device in other to enjoy easy access to PayPal features and services. Also, you can checkout PayPal features on the article to find out more about your number payment platform worldwide.

PayPal Features

The below list shows an overview of the PayPal features.

  • Accepts online Payments
  • The Bar code scanner
  • Bill Me Later
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Mobile Card Reader
  • An Express Checkout
  • Online Invoice
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Shopping Cart
  • PCI Compliance Policy
  • Virtual Terminal

How to Download PayPal App

Basically, to download the PayPal app to your device in other to get easy access to your PayPal account, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  2. Furthermore, type in PayPal on the search bar on the play store click to search.
  3. The App will display out.
  4. Click on the PayPal App icon. Then you will see the download icon to start a download to your device.
  5. Therefore, after downloading the app you can then install it on your device.
  6. Lunch the app and input your PayPal login details to gain easy access to your PayPal account. Therefore, you will only put in your login details once to keep accessing the App.

PayPal Pricing Plans


SELLING ON EBAY 3.9% + $0.30 USD
INTERNATIONAL SALES A currency fee charge may apply for transactions


Particularly, PayPal is free. But basically for overseas payment transactions a currency conversion fee charge may apply. Therefore, while using PayPal there are no monthly fee charges or cancellation fee charge when you use PayPal to sell.

Therefore, you will only pay a small fee after making a sale using PayPal. This is actually for online business owners that sell their products and doing their business using PayPal services. However, this is the basis of PayPal enterprise pricing standard.

Basically, their is much stuff on the PayPal platform that most users do not know about and they are missing on their benefits. However, on this blog we will be reviewing more and more services that PayPal have to offer as well as how you can access them.