Payoneer wire Transfer service is an online payment system that allows its users and customers to easily and securely transfer money to more than 250 countries. Also, users can transfer in more than 150 currencies as well. Therefore, in Payoneer Transfer, you have every means and flexibility to receive or send money using any worldwide payment service like PayPal.

Payoneer Wire Transfer and Payoneer to Payoneer Transfer
Payoneer Wire Transfer and Payoneer to Payoneer Transfer

However, this transfer is possible with your Payoneer account and as well your Payoneer prepaid MasterCard debit card. Also, you can load your card with money from funds you have received payments from. More so, you can as well use it just like every normal card, you can make Payoneer to Payoneer transfer and to other users or to your bank account too.

Therefore, this online payment system gives users an easy connection with the Payoneer community by receiving and also sending funds between accounts, free of charge. Also, you can start making transfers once you have received funds into your account. However, you can make these transfers through different kinds of services within the platform. Below on this article you will learn more about making transfers to your account.

How Does Payoneer Transfer Work?

Basically, for you to make use of Payoneer Transfer service, you need to have an account and your prepaid MasterCard debit card. Actually, once you have had payment through your Payoneer account, and will want to make a transaction from your account, here’s how it works.

For you to make transfers from your Payoneer account to another Payoneer account, it will be at no cost. This means it is absolutely free. Also, if will want to transfer funds from your Payoneer account to your regular bank account, there are really no charges from the bank also.

However, if your local currency is not the US Dollars then they will charge you for a foreign currency conversion by Payoneer. Apart from this, there is no other hidden charges. More so, you do not need to fear about transaction security as well.

Payoneer to Payoneer Transfer 

There are three main services on the Payoneer Transfer works. More so, let us look at these services and how they work. Therefore, we are going to access and know which one is suitable for you to use.

  • Global Payment Service – Payoneer online payment services enables users a full time access to local receiving accounts. More so, this accounts acts just like the local bank account in the US, EU, UK and many other countries too. All you need to do is give the necessary details of this account and the other user will be able to make a payment to your account.

Therefore this certainly means you can get instant payment and receive payment instantly too. It is completely free, without having to deal with any form of stress, charges, laws, currencies and so on. More so, your transfer is through, it goes straight to the other user Payoneer account, which he or she can then withdraw in the bank. Also, you can make withdrawer through the Payoneer prepaid MasterCard.

Payoneer Make a Payment 

  • Make a Payment Service – Furthermore, if you want to make payments to any of your team member, contractor, or a supplier? Then I will advice you to Make use of a Payment Service to make payment of funds to other Payoneer users.

The most interesting fact of this service is you make these transfers all for free. This simply means you do not have to pay a dime.

  • The Billing Service – Here you can send funds to your clients from the Payoneer service and the receiver will then get an email with the details of the transfer or payments and as well various other ways to pay you.

Types of Payoneer Transfer

Basically, you can make transfer transactions via the Payoneer service. More so, you can make transfers with the use of the following;

  • The credit cards.
  • eCheck
  • Local Bank Transfers
  • Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Therefore, the use you are transferring to will be able to receive the money in their Payoneer account. However, you can withdraw the funds using local bank transfer service.

How to Do a Payoneer Transfer to Bank

Running a Payoneer account and making transfer is very easy, therefore you can do so with this few tip below.

  • Before making a transfer via the Payoneer payment service, first you need to have a Payoneer account.
  • Therefore to create the account, go to and click on Payoneer sign up.
  • Right on the page, you will be given an on-screen instruction and for you to provide some details to aid the account creation.

After creating the account you can then log in to the Payoneer account with your user ID and password.

To Make a Payoneer Wire Transfer

  • On the next page, you will find the “Pay” section. Under it, click on “Make a Payment”
  • Enter the details of the users bank account you want to make the transfer to
  • Then click on “Make a Payment”

After you are through with the process you will see notification that your transfer is successful.