Paychex could be your payroll and HR solutions to take your business further. According to Wikipedia, the company also known as Paychex Inc. is an American provider of human resource, payroll and benefits outsourcing services for small to medium sized businesses. The company has its headquarters located in Rochester New York.


As some people already know, the company has over ninety (90) offices serving over six hundred thousand (600 000) payroll clients in the United States and Europe.  Just last year (2019), Pay chex ranked in position seven hundred (700) on the fortune 500 list of largest corporations by revenue. Wikipedia further went to state that the company’s revenue for fiscal year 2020 is projected to exceed four point one billion dollars ($4 100 000 000).

Paychex Flex

As a brief history, Pay chex was founded by Tom Golisano. Therefore, the set up of the company is in the year 1971. Tom Golisano according to Wikipedia started the company with three thousand dollars ($3 000). The operation later grew to include eighteen (18) franchise. More so, the partnerships that were eventually consolidated into on private company on the year 1979. In 2016, Paychex Flex received the 2016 TekTonic award from HRO Magazine for being a best in class mobile and cloud based technology suite.

Paychex Online

As a user you can set up and as well run a payroll online account in 24 hours with our self-service payroll for your small businesses. Also, this will as well go for big businesses as well. Paychex Go is a software that handles all your payroll taxes. More so,  it includes features like a

  • Direct deposit
  • Online paystubs
  • Compliance posters
  • HR payroll forms
  • Also, a U.S. based customer service.

Paychex Acquisitions

The company has several acquisitions of which a list of some of them would be provided below.

  • Payday
  • Pay-Fone.
  • National Business Solutions.
  • InterPay Inc.
  • Olsen Computer Systems Inc.
  • Advantage Payroll Services Inc.
  • Stromberg
  • Advance Partners.
  • Lessor Group.
  • Oasis
  • ePlan Services Inc.
  • SurePayroll Inc and so on.

Therefore, these are several Paychexs acquisitions not listed above as the ones listed are just a few of them.

Paychex Registration

Below is a guide to register for an account on Paychex company.

  • Head over to the platform official site using the web address
  • Furthermore, tap on the “Let’s Get Started” button.
  • Select a Paychex eservice.
  • Enter your company information.
  • Enter your information and tap on “Request a free quote”.

That is it. The next available Paychex app will reach out at the number you provided.

Paychex Login

Below is a guide to login to your already existing Paychex account.

  • Get your internet device with internet connection and head over to the Paychexs official website.
  • Tap on the “Login” button.
  • Also, select the Pay chex service you use from the list.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions afterward.

Furthermore, on the login page, you can reset your login credentials. More so, you can also get access to download and install the platform app on your android or iOS device.