Looking for a reliable, fast and secure method to pay bills, transfer money to bank, friends and business partners? then choose PalmPay app. Basically, this online money transfer app is very easy and fast way to pay bills without stress. Users can access their PalmPay account on their mobile phone and even computer as well. Also, you can use the payment service from anywhere you are.

PalmPay - PalmPay App Download & Install to Get PalmPay Bonus
PalmPay – PalmPay App Download & Install to Get PalmPay Bonus

For easy assistance users can easily contact the PalmPay customer service on phone or in a chat app, social media platform. Therefore, users can contact them 24 hours and as well 7 days all week round. More so, users can earn cashback and as well discount just for making payments. Also, you will enjoy a smooth and secure payment online in every location where you are.

About PalmPay and Security Standard 

While using this payment app you are always safe while transacting any transaction. More so, the app is certified with PCI-DSS level one which is superb. Again all the data on the platform is protected and as well encrypted strongly.

Furthermore, the company use the GDPR standard when they are handing users data which is so impressive. In addition to that the fraud engine & compliance team investigate all transactions from time to time. Therefore, this process helps to protect your money transactions anytime.

PalmPay App Download

Yes users can easily download and install this online payment app from their Google Appstore and start making use of it right away. Therefore to do this follow the below steps.

  • Open your Appstore on your mobile phone.
  • Then type in the name of the app PalmPay and click the search icon.
  • Select the app to continue.
  • Furthermore click on download.
  • After downloading the app hit on install to get the app on your mobile phone.

This is just the easy way to get this online payment app. More so, this is available to both iOS and android users.

PalmPay Login

To login to PalmPay.co you just need to download the app and register, which is a one time process.

  • click on the app on your mobile device.
  • input your username and password.
  • Then click on the login caption to access your account.

This is a one time procedure provided you are using the same device you use in registering for the service platform.

PalmPay Bonus

Users on this platform are on the verge of getting amazing services and as well bonuses and discounts too. More so, below are some of the benefits you get when using this payment service.

  • Money Transfer: Users gets a free PalmPay account. Also, bank transfers for any amount for users first three transactions in a day. Therefore, users get to just N10 as well.
  • Deposits: Therefore, users do get N50 in PalmPoints bonus in a week just for depositing N1000. More so, you can even get more via ATM card or making bank transfer as well.
  • Airtime: Get cashback on any transactions you make. However, this is depending on the amount and as well usage frequency which is up to 15%
  • Friend referral: Also, the friend referral chain system still applies on this online payment platform. Users can get a whooping 300 Naira cash for inviting a friend. Not only that your invited friend earns the same amount as a welcome gift as well.
  • Bill Payments: While paying bills you will have no convenience fees and a 2 to 3% money back on up to 10 transactions in a month period.
  • Special Promotions: Users on the platform do get an extra discount and as well bonuses on a monthly basis. Do ensure to always check your PalmPay app regularly.

So there are so many benefits you can get using this payment app which is fast, secure and reliable at all times. Therefore, sign up today to join the winning team.