The palmpay app is a unique mobile app that enables you to transfer money from one person to another. Also, you earn points for any transaction you are making. Furthermore, Palmpay is a Chinese company but have different offices in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries.

PalmPay App Download and Install on Mobile Phone
PalmPay App Download and Install on Mobile Phone

Basically, this online payment system is very safe and secure to use, with an easy interface for easy navigation. More so, with the app you can make payment and as well receive money from other users. As well as pay utility bills, buy mobile airtime and data etc.

What is PalmPay App?

Palmpay app is a mobile app that enables you to transfer money to P2P and pay utility bills as well. The app is secure and uses the PCI-DSS level one certified software. Also, all the data that is on the mobile money transfer platform is very well encrypt and secure.

Furthermore, the platform uses a fraud engine system with a competent team of highly quality cyber security personnel’s. They are task with the aim of reviewing all transactions each day and time.

Basically, the company organizes the team and they follow the GDPR standard in attending to all customers needs. Users can earn PalmPoints as incentives to further boost their account. Also, you get discount on various services via palmpay app login.

Online Banking Like PalmPay

There are other mobile banking apps like palmpay and this apps do have different service they offer as well as systems. Therefore, you are find this online money transfer apps in the list below.

Features of PalmPay App

  • It provides quick payment services to all its users.
  • It provides a pathway for easy transaction without using your normal bank account.
  • The platform gives a ridiculous low service fees compare to normal banks fees.
  • Also, you can get virtual top up service on the platform as well.
  • Speed access to send money to your friends and family.
  • You can recharge your mobile airtime via its service and pay for other subscriptions.
  • Using the app for affiliate marketing is easy and seamless.
  • You do get bonus for referring a friend to the platform.
  • Also, welcome bonus for all new customers that open a palmpay account is available.

Advantages of Using PalmPay

Below are the benefits you get and more while using the Palmpay online banking App

  • Very little transaction fees.
  • Simple payment bill system and quick VTU services.
  • High secure users data and security.
  • You can earn bonus for any complete transaction you make.
  • Also, make money if you refer someone that creates palmpay account.

How to Download and Install PalmPay App

To access the palmpay app download  is very simple and you can do this with your mobile phone or PC.

  1. First, go straight to your app store or Google play store.
  2. Type PalmPay on the search bar and search.
  3. The App will pop up, click on it to initiate a download.
  4. The App will then download and install to your mobile device.

This is all the full guide you need to use this amazing mobile banking app. Also, refer someone to share in this unique opportunity too.