Hello guys, today we are looking into an article which says Open Payoneer Account. If you have been finding it difficult to create or register for a Payoneer account, here you will be thought how to do it. It is not new to us that there are people that have not known about Payoneer up to this very day.

Open Payoneer Account - How to Open Payoneer Account and Download Payoneer App
Open Payoneer Account – How to Open Payoneer Account and Download Payoneer App

Opening a Payoneer account is what gives you access to the platform for you to be part of their member or user. There is so much to get from this article, more information, and details about all you need to know.

Open Payoneer Account

Just as the introduction paragraph has reviewed to us. However, having an account is the number one thing you need to do if you want to access any online platform. The thing about this article is knowing what Payoneer is used for and reviews about the platform.

Therefore, looking into the following part of this article like the paragraph you will be seeing below. It will explain more details about Payoneer, for the benefit of those that have not heard about this site before.


Open Payoneer Account: A Payoneer is known to be an American financial service that renders online money transfer, digital payment services. Furthermore, it brings about services that provide working capital to customers. More so, this platform has been in existence for like 15 years now, the company was found in the year 2005 by Yuval Tal.

As of the year 2010, the company has a new CEO and the name of the CEO is Scott Galit. Theirs headquarter located in New York (NY). This is to say, with Payoneer you as a user or member you are, you are free to send money to your friends and family.

What is a Payoneer Account

Payoneer may be a quick and straightforward solution to receiving payments worldwide. it is a new and an alternate way of getting purchased performing services or freelance work. It also gives users the alternative to pay people directly without going through stress by using a third-party payment service in other to get your payment sent across the world.

The account is free and can be created through their website URL only if you know their website. The amazing thing about this site is that you can withdraw to your bank, receiving accounts, and so more. Let me show you something thing, Payoneer also has a mobile app for smartphone users.

Payoneer App

This app is free to download and free to use only if you had an account on the platform. The app can compatible with all kinds of smartphones like iOS and Android devices. You will be able to find the app right on your app store.

For you to download the app, just access your Google App Store and search for “Payoneer” . The app result will list out to you for you to select. All you need is just to click or tap the install or download button you see there.

How to Open Payoneer Account

Do you want to pay and obtain payment globally? Attend the official online Payoneer page today and check-in to create Payoneer account. Signing up for a Payoneer account is free and straightforward. You only need a touch detail in site like personal information and you’re all good to run along.

  • To start the account creation process on Payoneer visit www.payoneer.com.
  • This link will take you on to the Payoneer web page.
  • At this time, proceed to the registration page by clicking on the “Register” tab or button.
  • The next page will direct you to the account registration page immediately.
  • Fill the registration form by entering all the the details  and all data pieces of data and that’s it. Your account is going to be created successfully.

Therefore, if you follow this steps above you already have a Payoneer account. Furthermore, you are set to start receiving payment and you can as well use the account to make online payments too.