Office Assistant – Office Assistant Job Description | Office Assistant Interview Questions

Basically, office assistant plays a very key role in any office. However, it does not matter the nature of the organization or how small it is, this personality is very important. Therefore, the office assistant takes care of his or her organizational and as well clerical support tasks anytime. Furthermore, this duties may also include

  • Organizing files
  • Scheduling client’s appointments
  • Proofreading
  • Writing copy of documents any others
  • Receiving quests

And some other official duties as well depending on the company and the kind of services they offer to their customers.


Requirements of an Office Assistant

There are some key requirements of an office assistant most possess to function properly in an organization. Below is the list of those requirements.

  • Good ability to write clearly and as well help in word processing if need be.
  • A high school diploma certification or associate degree.
  • Experience as an office assistant or in any field relating to it e.g. corporate secretary.
  • Very good communication skills
  • Ability to work straight under little or no supervision.
  • A very warm personality.
  • Then have a valid driver license (additional qualities)

Responsibility of an Office Assistant – Office Assistant Job Description

These are the major responsibility or the job description of an office personality need to know and carry out.

  • Managing the filling system.
  • Handling incoming calls and other communications relates issues.
  • Coordinating events when necessary.
  • Maintenance of office equipment’s if need be.
  • Organizing travels in terms of booking accommodations and reservations as duly required.
  • Maintaining standard supply inventory.
  • Experience as a profile virtual assistant
  • Maintaining, creating and entering information into database.
  • Recording information
  • Paper work update and maintaining documents. Also, word processing.
  • Also, Helping to organize and as well manage office the common office areas.
  • Performing general office errands and as well clerk responsibilities.
  • Aiding the clients at the office reception if need be.
  • Greeting clients and as well visitors in the office.

These are the sole responsibilities of an office assistant, so you on this job title can read start learning more about them to boost your skills in the office.

Office Assistant Interview Questions

These are the possible questions you may be asked during a job interview as an office assistant. Therefore, you can read through them and practice the answers in case of any job interview on the title.

  1. If you are assign several and complex tasks with different deadline time, how will you accomplish it. (You have to demonstrate time management skills).
  2. During the course of a meeting and a customer comes in, not willing to be patient and demands to see someone. How will you manage the issue? (A test ability to handle tense issues).
  3. Give a description on how you have implemented or refine processes as of the job role. State your impact? (This is a test of problem-solving skills)
  4. Have you used a computer system in an administrative or a clerical work before? (show your computer proficiency skill).
  5. Discuss about a time that you made a mistake while carrying out your duties previously. Therefore, discus how you manage to fix the problem? (This shows the ability for you to learn from your errors)

These are some question you have to understand before going for a job interview in regards to the title of the article.



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