New Year Facebook Avatar – Create Your Free Facebook Avatar For 2022

The New year is here and I bet many Facebook users do not know that can create their free new year Facebook avatar. I like some of you already know, the new avatar feature has been around for some while now on Facebook.

New Year Facebook Avatar - Create Your Free Facebook Avatar For 2022

Furthermore, this feature do enables Facebook users to create a cartoon like character that looks very exact like you. This feature is very much available in many countries of the world using

New Year Facebook Avatar 2022

The Facebook avatar 2022 is just an update of the same feature we are talking about. Although, there are a few add up on the feature to keep it more fun and add more creativity for users this new year.

Again, FB users in other part of the world like Asia countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore etc. are now using the feature on their mobile phone. More so, this is besides the top countries like united states of America, Canada, Spain, United kingdom, England and the whole of Europe as well.

Facebook Avatar App

Users do ask of how they can download the Facebook avatar app on their phone. Well, the Avatar feature does not have a different app for users to access it. Basically, the avatar feature is already available on the FB app.

Also, if you are using your desktop to access Facebook on you will still see this feature on the menu list. Therefore, if you do not see it, then it will be for the reason that it is not available in your country.

How to Find Facebook Avatar Feature

To simply locate the Fbook avatar on your mobile phone or on your desktop you just need to follow the below steps.

  • log in to Facebook on URL or click on the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the three line menu icon.
  • Then scroll down the menu list

Therefore, you will find the avatar feature on the the list for you to access and explore the Facebook avatar setup.

How To Create Facebook Avatar

Basically, the process to create or customize your new year avatar photo on Facebook is very simple. More so, anyone can simply implement this process out. Therefore, to do this follow the below procedures in other to create your avatar.

  1. The first process to take is to access your Facebook account either via the Facebook Messenger or the Facebook mobile app.
  2. Then click the menu option with the three strike lines you see on your Facebook homepage.
  3. Furthermore, scroll straight down after accessing the menu option until you found the caption Avatar.
  4. Click on the caption to start creating your Facebook avatar.
  5. First choose a face shape that connote your facial looks.
  6. Choose your preferred hairstyle and eye colors. More so, you can still select the kind of eye brow you want either medium long or short.
  7. After that you can then proceed to the nose tools, mouth and ears and create them the way you want.
  8. Next, click to customize the lips and you can as well choose a clothing for yourself too if you like.
  9. Therefore, if you are through with all the process and you are OK with the looks of your avatar then you can click on Done.

Therefore, this is the way to access and create your Facebook free avatar. More so, this feature works on both android and iOS devices.



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