New WhatsApp Update – Recent WhatsApp Update Features 2020

The new WhatsApp update is an amazing one as it comes with a lot of features and you can easily set it to improve your WhatsApp account. However, their have been previous update on the feature for a while and most times this update come yearly. More so, the New WhatsApp update or the latest WhatsApp features is something every WhatsApp user should crave to have.

New WhatsApp Update - Recent WhatsApp Update Features 2020
New WhatsApp Update – Recent WhatsApp Update Features 2020

Latest WhatsApp Features – New WhatsApp Update

These are the recent update you will see when you are using the latest update of the whatsApp platform either on PC or on your mobile phone.

  • Dark Mode.

Basically, this is a very interesting feature. Therefore, users will be able to enjoy it in the upcoming updates of WhatsApp this year. Furthermore, users will no longer have to reduce the brightness of their screens when chatting at night. Therefore, they can turn on the dark mode.  Wherefore, the text will be bright in contrast to the background, for their viewing pleasure.

  • QR codes WhatsApp feature.

Although, this feature is already present in the previous versions of WhatsApp has plans to improve on it. Therefore, this will enables you scan your QR codes on the screen of your computer.  Basically, the new arriving feature will allow you also share your WhatsApp cellular phone number through QR scans. Therefore, you can also make the code invalid if you want to prevent abuse of it.

  • Group call shortcuts in WhatsApp.

Another feature which will be available is one relating to group call. Therefore, WhatsApp is now a voice-over IP service that allows you to make calls. Also, while making calls you can choose to add other participants to join you on the call. Therefore, you can make group video and audio calls. The new feature will let you decide the participants you want in the group. Also, you can make calls to them on pressing the call button.

Other New WhatsApp Update 2020

  • Consecutive voice messages.

Particularly, WhatsApp voice message is one of the best features of the app. Therefore, this option enable users record a voice note and send it to a contact of their choice.  Furthermore, in the coming versions this year, WhatsApp will enable users send more than one voice messages at a time. More so, this will queue automatically and sent in quick successions.

  • WhatsApp video and viewing contact ranking.

With the recent picture-in-picture feature, WhatsApp 2019 made it possibly to easily view YouTube videos. Therefore, the new update is coming shortly which will variably carry all this features. Particularly, WhatsApp will enable you to watch videos while chatting. WhatsApp could also rank your contact list based on your chat frequency. Therefore, the contact you chat with regularly will appear higher up in your address list.

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