The new Facebook night mode is one of the new Facebook features that just came out recently. More so, there are so many online users now that want to change their Facebook background to the new dark mode. The feature do turn your Facebook account to a more beautiful interface and very nice for the eye view. Therefore, this implies that the view is very attractive to the eyes and does not affect your eye sight in any way.

New Facebook Night Mode – Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Settings
New Facebook Night Mode – Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Settings

Particularly, for those users who want to turn or change their Facebook Background to the New Facebook night mode can read on to know how to go about it. The Facebook Dark mode is also the same as the Facebook Night mode. So as you are reading through this article do not get confuse whenever you see the two words been used.

Facebook Night Mode

Basically, you all now know that Facebook night mode is the same as the Facebook dark mode. More so, this feature transforms your Facebook theme into a dark version. Therefore, this is the reason it is refer to as Facebook dark or Night mode.

More so, this feature enables you to beatify your Facebook theme background either on the homepage, news feed, message inbox section. Also, this cut across all the features and sections of the Facebook platform when you activate the dark mode.

Facebook Messenger App – Facebook Dark Mode Settings

Therefore, to change the background viewing mode on your Facebook account on web or the Facebook app and Facebook messenger is the same. More so, you can follow the steps below to achieve this process.

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app or web platform.
  • Click straight on your Facebook profile picture icon you can see at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down the Facebook new feature list until you find the caption dark mode.
  • Turn on the dark mode option by clicking on it.
  • More so, if you still want to turn it off you can as well toggle it to go off

Facebook App Night Mode Settings – Facebook Theme

Below is the settings process for you to turn on the dark mode feature on Facebook app. Therefore just follow the steps to achieve the dark mode result.

  • Firstly, open your Facebook app.
  • Then access the Facebook login to your account.
  • Furthermore, hit on the menu icon button to access the Facebook settings page.
  • Tap on General on the setting section.
  • You will then see a pop up of a list of Facebook themes. Choose the AMOLED option on the theme list.

Therefore, when you have chosen this option you can then proceed to your Facebook account page to see the new theme background.