Basically, from the moment Netflix came with the unlimited TV shows and movie series there have been a upsurge increase of users on the platform. More so, these users are however more of adults and advance people in age. But in recent times a new version is now out for kids which we refer to as Netflix kids. Therefore, the version is set to help kids with the right shows to view as well as experiencing a new Netflix interface.

Netflix Kids - Netflix Kids Movies | Kids & Family | Kids TV Shows
Netflix Kids – Netflix Kids Movies | Kids & Family | Kids TV Shows

Particularly, these shows consist more of cartoons and educative programs for them to view. On the platform it displays a very nice and attractive image page as well as a more learning interface. More so, with this parent a sure and relax of the kind of programs their children are viewing even when they are away. Furthermore, Netflix is not just for adults anymore but kids can also get a feel of the online streaming service too.

What to find on Netflix Kids Feature

Just as I said earlier on the Netflix version for kids is filed with a lot of educative contents and other stuffs like

  • Games
  • Netflix Kids TV Shows
  • Cartoons
  • Netflix Kids Movies
  • Netflix Kids Series
  • Nursery Rhythms etc.

Therefore, these contents are very much suitable for kids below the ages of 12 and below. More so, this does ease the mind of parents as it helps parent’s solve the issues of parental guide on kids viewing contents. Furthermore, this is to say you cannot find adult or inappropriate content on this platform for kids. One beauty of it all is that the platform is very convenient for kids and gives them the access to easily find what they want.

How to Get Netflix Kids Contents – Kids and Family

Therefore, the prime time view on Netflix is not very advisable for you to allow your kids watch with you. However, you can give them something else to stay while you enjoy the Netflix prime for the family. Furthermore to get the kids content follow this process.

  1. Open your internet browser and search on the Netflix website.
  2. Then enter play station 3 or play station 4.
  3. Also, you can click on Xbox 360 or Xbox one.
  4. Furthermore, you can use the Apple TV, Apple device that is operating with the iOS 5
  5. You can as well get Blu ray player, select TV and it can work on any android device form 5.1 and higher.

More so, you can use the Netflix app in case you do not want to make use of the main website via a browser. Therefore, you must have a valid working Netflix account to carry on this process.

How to Create Netflix Kids Profile with your Netflix account

Basically, you can set up your Netflix profile for your kids from the profile section from your Netflix account. This profile will however give you and the household a perfect online streaming experience. But first and foremost you have to access your account and set up your account.

  • Access your Netflix account by logging in either with you device or PC.
  • Locate your name at the top right corner and choose your account to see your profile page.
  • Click on Next and then manage account.
  • Add a new profile there or better still set up a new one
  • Enter the first name of your kid.
  • Furthermore, click on the kid section and complete it by clicking the continue caption.

After all these processes you are then through with the account creation. Furthermore, setup the kid friendly assessment of the profile overview form the profile section. Set the age category which you will see to allow TV shows and movies under the age limit of your kid. Also, you can set up parental control guide on the movies you think is appropriate for your kid.