Most people that loves streaming movies online do not really know that they can get a Netflix for free. Did I say getting Netflix for free? Yes, you can actually get the online live TV streaming platform for free. This process is called the Netflix free trial and with just some few essentials things you need you can start watching Netflix movies. As so many of already know that Netflix is an online streaming platform and with so many latest series movies to watch.

Netflix Free Trial - How to Get Netflix Free | Live TV Streaming
Netflix Free Trial – How to Get Netflix Free | Live TV Streaming

Particularly, the Netflix free trial option offers to all new Netflix users that are just joining the platform for the first time. However, if you are an existing user you can only access the platform when you pay for a subscription plan monthly. The free trial on the platform lasts for a period of about 30 days, this is a one-month free trial. More so, users can as well decide to cancel the free trial half way if they which to do so.

When you are registering as a new user you can you can choose to use the movie platform for free. However, you will then need to input a credit card payment plan so when the free trial expires you will then start with the payment plan.

Why do I Need Netflix Payment Plan?

Every Netflix users most have to register for a payment plan while registering for the platform. However, you most choose one to be able to complete your Netflix sign up process. Netflix is packed with a lot of movie content as well as TV series as well. There is a search bar that is at the top of the movie page that which you can use to search for any movie content you want to watch.

Furthermore, on the issue of payment Netflix payment is automatic and it will only require you to input your card details for payment. After which your bank will verify your payment desire to e sure if you’re are the one subscribing for Netflix. Therefore, before the end of the free trial you will then get a message notification in regards to your payment plan. More so, with you paying to continue viewing movies you will be restricted from viewing movies. Also, all Netflix services will seize to function until you make a payment.

Simple Way to Get Netflix Free Trial

I call Netflix a full fun movie platform for all as you can get whatever you are looking for there on the platform. However, for you to get access to this full package of fun you most have a Netflix account. Therefore, to get a Netflix account in order for you to get your free trial then you need to follow this process below.

  • Go directly to the Netflix main website page Therefore, you can access this site form your PC or your mobile phone.
  • When the first web page opens, look straight to the middle of the page and click on Watch free for 30 days.
  • After that click on see the plans caption to select a payment plan for yourself after the free trial expires.
  • Furthermore, sign up to start your one-month free trial. Here, you will then need to enter your email address and password to complete your sign up.
  • Select and fill out your details for payment.
  • Click on the start membership caption to continue.

After this the Netflix website will give you access to view all movies both latest and old movies as well as TV shows. This is actually after you receive a message from Netflix in the email address you use in registering for the account. This simply tells you that your Netflix free trial is ready to start using. More so, just as I said earlier on, you can as well cancel your free trial whenever you wish to. So, this is how you can get Netflix just for free.