Particularly, users who possess the MSN Hotmail ID do not always remember the previous email update on the platform. However, there has been an announcement of the MSN Hotmail inbox by Microsoft update to Outlook mail. Therefore, this update sees the platform to have a more secure mode of service delivery and file management.  More so, all MSN Hotmail users witness a migration from the Hotmail service to

MSN Hotmail Inbox - Outlook Mail | Hotmail Login Account
MSN Hotmail Inbox – Outlook Mail | Hotmail Login Account

The MSN Hotmail  inbox is one of the major emailing tools that automatically save messages that come to your inbox. Also, not only that it as well saves messages to multiple emails. Furthermore the inbox feature is one of the features on Hotmail or Microsoft that all users are very familiar with.  Also, the Hotmail inbox comprises of other amazing features to help you organize and as well manage your mails. However, before you can access the inbox feature you need to have a Hotmail account.

MSN Hotmail Inbox Features

Basically, the update of the new Hotmail interface gives users a improve feature and as well easy usability. More so, users are sure of having a great way to construct a more profaned mail via the new and improve Hotmail features.

  1. Archive: The archive feature gives right to users to recover their files which they have deleted. Also, they can as well draft messages or files in the archive section.
  2. Delete: Therefore, you can use this feature to easily delete your files and document on your account anytime you want.
  3. Junk Mail: This is the section where you can find all the files, messages and documents that you delete from your Hotmail account.
  4. Sent Item: Here you can get all the emails and files you have sent to other email users or personnel.
  5. Unread: When you receive a mail automatically, the mail lands on the unread section. Therefore, this helps you to see the actual mails you have.

More so this is some features of Hotmail inbox. However, in the inbox section you can still find other features like filters and categories.

How Get to Your MSN Hotmail Inbox – Hotmail Login Account

Therefore, to access your Hotmail inbox you need to go through the Hotmail login account process. This process is straight forward and the process does not incurs  any tedious procedure to achieve. However, the only people that can carry out this process are Hotmail or outlook account holders. Follow the below procedure to access your inbox.

  1. Open your internet browser on your PC and visit the URL or you can as well use the Hotmail app.
  2. Locate the com caption at the left hand side of the page and Hit on the Sign in caption.
  3. Next, click on the Get started.
  4. Input your login email address or mobile number you use in registering your account and click on Next.
  5. Lastly, to finish the signing in process input your account password and click the sign in caption.

After completing all this process your account will then open for you to view. Furthermore, you can then access your inbox and all the features on the account. More so, you can access this via your PC or your mobile device anytime you want.