Are you looking for a super-fast and best secure payment system for African freelancers and for all Africans, then is the answer for you. This online payment system is fast and very secure for you to receive payments anywhere in the world to your Nigerian bank account.

Movefunds – Best Payment System for Africans and Freelancers
Movefunds – Best Payment System for Africans and Freelancers

Therefore, all payment transactions on this platform are super-fast. More so, you can get your money right to your local bank account in less than 30 minutes. Also, they have a very nice exchange rate for foreign currency, smooth exchange to local currency.

About Movefunds

This online payment platform is very fast and reliable way to send and receive payments form your client abroad. However, most Africans do not know they can use this payment gateway with ease. Therefore, you can join over 10,000+ users globally on this platform.

The platform is available to over 100+ countries of the world and still counting. Also, you can receive payment in USD, EUR and GBP and more. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges while using this payment system. Therefore, it supports payment platforms like

  • Apple pay
  • PayPal
  • Paystack and more.

How Movefunds Work

This online payment platform allows you to first create and account for free and login to your account. After which you need to follow these steps below.

  1. Create your payment link. You can generate your payment click by filling out the payment request form with few minutes.
  2. Next, copy and share that link to your client, friends and even family members for payment.
  3. After which you can track your payments.
  4. You will receive your payment direct to your bank account in less then 30 minutes time.

Also, note that this platform supports payment from other online payment service like Apple Pay, Paystack etc. More so, your client can use their credit and debit card to make payment to you too.

Move Funds Features

  • Blazing Fast Process

You can create a payment link and invoice within a minute and as well get payments in USD, EUR and GBP.

  • Easy to Use

Very simple onboarding system. Wherefore, your client do not need to sign up on the platform to pay you. You just need to share your payment link to them and you will get paid easily.

  • 30 Minute Settlement Process

You will get instant notifications immediately you receive a payment. Also, you can access your payment very fast and easy.

How to Create Movefunds Account

  • Firstly, visit the website
  • Then click on the Get Started Button on the homepage.
  • Next you fill in your names
  • Input your country of residence.
  • Your mobile number
  • Fill in your email address
  • Next upload a government issued identity card for verification.
  • Also, take a snapshot of your face and upload it just like the ID card photo.
  • Lastly, click on ACTIVATE.

Therefore, you will then see notification that the form was sent successfully. Thanks for registering to use Movefunds. However, your account will then be under review for about 24 – 48 hours. After a successful review, you will get a welcome message from move funds.


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