What do you have to say when it comes to Monash Zoom, looking into the topic above we have two different words. One of “Monash” and the other is “Zoom”. I believe we all knows what zoom is and what it is used for but the main problem is when both words are attached to each other. Most of us will not get the full view of what it is. Before we go into the article proper, I will like us to know something that of Monash.

Monash Zoom - Get Started With Zoom Conferencing on Monash Account
Monash Zoom – Get Started With Zoom Conferencing on Monash Account

Searching is a university according to the result Google gives, that it is a public research university that base in Melbourne and Australia. Therefore, it was found in the year 1958 and it was known as the second oldest university in the state of Victoria. The university has five campuses, four of which are in Victoria, and one in Malaysia.

The university also has a research and teaching center that is located in Prato, Italy. Not just that also with a graduate research school found in Mumbai India and a graduate school in Suzhou China. So what does this has to do with zoom. That is what we will be looking into in the paragraph below.

Monash Zoom Guide to Use by Monash University

Zoom online comes in because zoom is platform which can be used to communicate with other people and also do other things. Zoom can be used for holding meetings online that is where Mo nash zoom comes in. This is to say, you can access zoom for your Monash courses using your Monash account details in logging with zoom. This is to say Monash staffs can make use of Zoom to communicate and collaborate with other multiple parties, both internal and external.

Zoom conferencing gives you the access to broadcast lectures or meetings to different rooms. At least one or more rooms across multiple campuses and to external locations. Right now, let talk about having account with Monash online and logging it in on the video conferencing platform. First we will be talking about Creating Monash account before talking about the video calling platform.

How to Create Monash Account

To create this account, you have to navigate using these steps below.

  • First you have to visit monash.edu on your web browser or you can just click on the link to take you there.
  • Next is to click “Create Your Account” and after that enter the following requirements on your screen. Therefore, when you are through, click “Continue”. Clicking on the continue button or link it will take you to the next page when you all have to provide all the details on it.

To complete the process, you have to complete all the following requirements. Also, there are four requirement options and you have to complete then to finish the process. Now how you can login to zoom with your Monash account.

How to Login Monash Zoom

Logging in to zoom by using your Monash account as a gateway access to video conferencing on Monash zoom meetings service. To do that, you have to follow this guidelines here.

  • Turn to your web browser and visit mo nash.zoom.us and then click on the link on the homepage.
  • The link says, “Sign In”, click on it and it will direct you another page. Then it will ask you to login with your Monash account to access the Monash zoom conferencing.
  • You just have to enter your Monash account email and also the password.
  • When you are through, just click on the sign in link below and that’s all.

When you follow this steps, you can access the Monash zoom conferencing without any stress. More so, you can then get full access to video calling and other benefits as well.