The Microsoft store is an American multinational online shopping platform in the internet today, which gives to users a unique form of shopping.  However, this makes the shopping experience to be worth the view and users do enjoy free shipping while shopping on the online store. Particularly, in recent times Microsoft has changed the way they operate to a better and new mode to visit the store app. More so, this brings about a whole new way of experience when you visit the store.

Microsoft Store - Access Microsoft Store App | Microsoft Store Online
Microsoft Store – Access Microsoft Store App | Microsoft Store Online

Most times when people hear about the online store they do feel Microsoft just offer for sale only software but that is not true. Therefore, users can get

  • Applications
  • Books
  • Themes
  • Games
  • Microsoft devices
  • Movies and TV
  • Windows upgrade
  • Edge extension as well

Therefore, the list goes on and other update are said to surface in the future too. Basically, this online store is the best when it comes to selling of software and hardware with the use of specified devices. The store packs a free and as well in-app purchase which you can pay for via your credit card.

Furthermore, there is a search engine feature when you visit the store that enables users to search for whatever they want easily. The store is very easy to access and all transactions are very private and secure as well.

Requirements to Access the Microsoft Store – Microsoft sign in

Basically, you can access the store with any Microsoft device. However, you can find the Microsoft store app in all its devices. Also, for you to still access the store this is the things you need to have to achieve the process.

  1. If you are using a windows software on your computer system.
  2. Also, the windows mobile device is another way to access it.
  3. More so, you as well need a Microsoft account. This will in turn help you to access the Microsoft sign in. This is a Microsoft email or the outlook email address.

After saying all of this you should as well know that you can also access the Microsoft store online via the Microsoft website. This is makes it easy for users who do not have the Microsoft device or app on their device. Therefore, they only need to visit the URL to access the store feature.

Microsoft Account

To get a Microsoft account is very easy as you just need to access the main URL of their website. Therefore to achieve this just follow this steps below.

  • Visit the URL on any of your internet device.
  • Click on the sign in caption you see on the page.
  • It will then take you to a page to sign in your account email. Look below you will see a caption that reads not having an account Sign Up. Click on it.
  • After that start following the due process by filling out your details to open an account.

How to Access Microsoft Store Using Microsoft Account

Lunching the store app you are sure to get the latest update of the store on your screen. However, you can make use of the website and also the mobile app too. The only thing you need to have is the Microsoft account. Follow the steps below to access the store.

  • Open the Microsoft store app on your PC or mobile device. Furthermore, you can as well use the website page.
  • Locate the profile like icon you see on the homepage.
  • Then click on sign in caption you see on your screen right from the menu.
  • Furthermore, input your Microsoft email or outlook mail and click on next.
  • Input your password and click sign in to access the store.

Basically, the sign in process is very essential and you most have to go through it to access the platform. More so, if you do not have the account just follow the account sign up to get one.

How to Open the Store App on Windows 10

  1. Simply visit the Microsoft store on your Windows 10 system by the app icon on the taskbar.
  2. Therefore, if you cannot find the icon on the taskbar, then click on the windows like icon below the PC screen.
  3. All Microsoft features will then come up; there you can locate the app store to use.
  4. Scroll down until you find the Microsoft app and click on it.

How to Use Microsoft Store Online Website

You can access the Microsoft store via the Microsoft website with any internet browser just as I mentioned before.  However, you can carry out this process without using any Microsoft devices. Below is the process to follow.

  • Use any web browser on your device and or tap to open a new tap via your PC system.
  • Input the URL and click on the search bar.
  • If you are using your PC click on the All Microsoft icon you see on your screen. Furthermore, for mobile device users click on the menu icon and view all features.
  • Furthermore, choose the Microsoft icon to continue.

After completing all these process you can then start shopping on the platform from different categories. Basically, with the windows device you can use the Microsoft store app directly without going through much sign in processes.