Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Download | How to Update Microsoft Office

The Microsoft office is a well-known name when it come s to computer software and has a update version on a regular occasions. More so, the Microsoft office is readily available to all users both on the Windows and Mac systems. Therefore, on this article we are going to be talking about some key features of the software and as well how to get the latest update version. Not only that we will be checking on how you can also get the software for free.


From the creation of the Microsoft platform there have been different forms of upgrade of the software. Basically, there has since been a software diversion form as I do call it from computer software’s to mobile apps. Therefore, this has seen the Microsoft office software gain entry to the mobile app platform. In a more simple term this is to say the Microsoft office software now runs with a mobile version for mobile users too.

The office software is a very common and is widely used by so many computer users all over the world. the office software is very powerful and comes with a lot of packages to meet the needs of its users. More so, the office 365 service is a sure way to access all your office needs in terms of writing and designing of documents. Therefore, users can find features and packages like

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. OneNote
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. SharePoint
  5. Microsoft Access
  6. Publisher and PowerPoint

Basically, users can navigate through all these features on their device in as much as the device is compatible with the software.

Microsoft Office Download 

So many people do not know they can actually download the Microsoft software for free. Therefore, you download the software via your computer and the mobile version with your mobile device. Also, Mac users are not left out of the picture as they can as well download the office on their system. Here is the tips you need to download the software.

  1. Enter to your web browser on your device and search for the word Microsoft office download.
  2. Multiple results will then come up for you to pick. Do choose the right one to initiate a download.
  3. Always read through the software content you want to download to make sure is the right one. Furthermore, click on download.
  4. After downloading the software you can install in to your computer or laptop to start use.

Note: All these process is carried out with the use of internet data, so you most have data to actualize this process.

Microsoft Office Setup

After downloading the software to your computer you can then proceed to your computer desktop to locate the file you download. Click on the file and start the installation process. Particularly, the process does take some time to complete but it is worth the wait. After the installation is complete you can then start using the office software.

How to Update Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Latest Version

There is a latest version of the office software and it is available to all online users if you are using the office 365 services.  Furthermore, the update version comes with a lot of benefits for users as well as new features. Basically, as of now the last version was Microsoft office 2019. If you want to update your Microsoft office software follow the process below.

  • Click on the start menu icon and then initiate a search for example (Microsoft office).
  • After that click on the blank document icon you see on your screen.
  • Check the left hand corner of your screen and click on the file you see there.
  • Scroll down and choose Account.
  • Then click on update caption and click on Update now.

After clicking that the update will then begin, that is if your office is now up to date. Therefore, the update will take some time and internet data as well. More so, you can purchase the Microsoft software and own an account which allows upgrade via

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