Do you know that Mercari is the best selling app online shopping platforms, this is where you can buy or shop whatever you want to buy online? In this article, you are not only going to learn about selling on mercari but also learn about Mercari Account Sign Up. Another aspect of this online shopping platform is that you can actually sell on it as well.

Mercari - Mercari Sign up on The Best Selling App Online
Mercari – Mercari Sign up on The Best Selling App Online

Therefore, if you are looking forward on how to sell your products online, here is the right place. if you have never heard about this platform before, here in front of you is the right article for you that will tell you more about the topic. So, I want you to pay attention to the article very clear fully.

Mercari Review

Mercari jp is also an online shopping platform like I said just like another online shopping platform just like

So many people have not heard of mercari app, and as the name implies. You will think that the name marcari is another platform that is not of shopping website. But I want to tell everyone of us today that marcari is also an online shopping platform just as I have said earlier.

This online shopping platform was first founded in japan in the year 2013 and it was the grown to become the first country’s biggest community-powered marketplace that has over 10 billion JPY transactions that are carried out by them each month.

The founders of this platform are Shintaro Yamada, Tommy Tomishima, and Ryo Ishizuka and it operating in Japan and the United States currently. Marcari is also known as a selling app, which means that it also has an app that can be downloaded into a smartphone or into your iOS device. Right now, let discuss how we can sign up for an account because that is what this article is all about.

How to Access Mercari Sign up

To sign up or create an account with this platform, there are some steps that you as a person who is willing to create an account with them need to follow. The steps below, are the steps on how you can create or sign up for an account with marcari online shopping marketplace.

  • To begin with, you need to visit their website by going to using your web browser.
  • When you have visited their website, you will be landed on their homepage where you need to click on the profile icon at the top of the homepage.
  • Then click sign up, after that enter your username and then enter your email address.
  • The next thing to do is to create your password and after doing that, click the sign-up link below the box to proceed.

After following all the steps listed above and you have successfully filled in all the requirements and immediately after you click the sign-up link. More so, you will have to verify your email address as well. Furthermore, they will send a verification email to your inbox. Visit your email account and go to your email box and click on the new message sent to you by marcari. Open the message and click on the verify email link you see on it. immediately after verifying, it will direct you back to the site and you can start shopping on it.

Mercari Product Categories

There are so many product categories that marcari japan online shopping marketplace offers. They have products on women, men, toys, kids, electronics, home, beauty, sports, vintage, handmade, and so much more. There are also brands of products on marcari also and they are; Adidas, Air Jordan,

American eagle, apple, bath and body works, beats by Dr. Dre, Bose, and so much more of them. You will be able to see all their products once you visit the website and before you can buy anything on this platform, you need to sign up first. Of which is have talked about on the list above, I hope you enjoyed every bit of the article.