Do you know you can use your Facebook account to make money? I bet you don’t well, you can actually use it to make money for yourself. However, you can still keep using it to do your normal chatting and any other thing. On this article I will be revealing how you can actually make money with your Facebook account from where ever you are. Below are the ways and tips to achieve the process.

Make Money with Your Facebook Account
Make Money with Your Facebook Account
  1. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Yes, you can actually use your Facebook account to buy and sell on Facebook. More so, this feature on Facebook is totally free and you can as well trade anything you want. Basically, you can make money from sales from your local area and even global too. Furthermore, the marketplace is accessible to everybody so you can easily share your stuffs around.

  1. Join Buying and Selling Groups

This make the selling process on Facebook very easy as you can actually create posts of your items to share among members of the group. More so, you can as well choose to share it to other Facebook groups too.

  1. Create Group

You as well have the opportunity to also create your own group and start posting your content on it. This is super easy as you can post what you wish to without any restrictions.

  1. Start Creating Facebook Post

On the Facebook field you can start tying a post on what you want to sell. More so when typing always make sure to input a picture of the item you are selling on your post. Furthermore, you can share your post with friends and family members.

  1. Earn Referral Bonuses

There was is a company that is called Rakuten who pays referral bonuses to users. Therefore, you can use this company to earn cashback on every online sale for yourself. More so, this is possible by you sharing their referral links and clicking on the social media icon on your referral share link. Therefore, if anyone signs up with it on the platform you will be paid. Also, their more other companies that earn cash benefits on regular basis you can get online using your Facebook account.

  1. Enter Contests

Enter the contest of sharing links of other companies via your Facebook account or following their Facebook page. Also, you can as well join contest groups and platforms that are doing giveaway to get new opportunities.

Create Facebook Ads – Make Money with Your Facebook Account

This is one aspect that I know is very active and works perfectly well for users. Therefore, to start this process you most first posses a Facebook page. To create a Facebook business page is free and takes just minutes to achieve. Furthermore, you can check for more info on how the page works.

  1. Invest in Facebook

This is another part of which you can make money on Facebook. Therefore, on this you do not need to create a Facebook account. Facebook is a company that trades publicly on the Nasdaq index. Therefore, you can use your IRA or taxable broker account to purchase stuffs on FB.

  1. Apply for a Job

Facebook has its own job board for users to help them with a new job offer. Also, local companies will advertise some vacant positions in the job tab. Therefore, you are going to find full time and as well per time jobs from many industries on the page.

  1. Become a Social Media Manager

On this part people or organizations can pay you to manage their social media accounts as a virtual social media assistant. Therefore, your job as a media person will be

  • Responding to comments and as well interacting with followers.
  • Creating social media graphics.
  • Scheduling social media contents.
  • Building an active audience size.

Therefore, these are the major things you will be doing and it will help in fetching you some stream of incomes. Furthermore, you can as well create Facebook live videos and one other one again is to look for critical security flaws on the Facebook platform. Therefore, this will in turn earn you some cash on Facebook.