Particularly, if you are in search of a very high innovative career program or either looking for a good job then LinkedIn sign up is the process to take. However, the platform consists of a huge professional network base which helps millions of its users secure the job of their dreams. LinkedIn sign up is the way to go to acquire a LinkedIn account in other to be a legible member to receive these services.

LinkedIn Sign up - Create LinkedIn Account for Jobs | LinkedIn sign in with Facebook
LinkedIn Sign up – Create LinkedIn Account for Jobs | LinkedIn sign in with Facebook

Basically, the when a user access the LinkedIn registration process, he or she will then have a LinkedIn account login details. Therefore, these login details are nothing but your email address and password you use when signing up for the account. Also, you can as well set up your LinkedIn profile from account as you sign up.

Benefit of Using LinkedIn – What is LinkedIn used for

Therefore, there are many benefits a LinkedIn user will get when they sign up on the platform. Furthermore, these are free and applicable to all users on the platform.

  1. Nice job offers for those seeking for jobs. Particularly, this one is one of the best part of most users on the platform. More so, you can get jobs that is in your location and anywhere you want.
  2. Easy connectivity with your co-colleagues in your work place on the social media section of the platform.
  3. Its gives users the ability to build a good relationship connection with other users which can lead to more innovative and career building work.
  4. Lay hold on the users marketing tools to market your products and set up your LinkedIn profile which will serve as resume.
  5. As a user you will get latest news update relating to your business and career straight to your LinkedIn account.

Basically, all these benefits we are talking about is available to all new users after signing up on the platform. So, these are the things you can gain while using LinkedIn, furthermore let use move to the things to have in other to register for an account.

Requirements to Sign up for a LinkedIn Account

For you to register for a LinkedIn account is as simple as ABC, more so, you need to have some essential things to enable posses an account. Therefore, to know what you really need to have an account look below the lists.

  • You will need to gave a valid email address as well as your mobile number. Therefore, this email address is the same one you will be using to login to your account.
  • Also, you need to access the web portal to gain access to your account which is
  • There is a privacy policy part of the platform you need to accept in other to continue the registration process.
  • Provide your full names in the sign-up process in order for other users to recognize you on the platform.

All these processes are very important in registering you account and you must fill them out with your correct details.

LinkedIn Sign up – How to Register for a LinkedIn Account

Now, let us face the real issue in regards to this article which is the LinkedIn sign up. More so, you can easily sign up to the LinkedIn and the possess an account with ease when you follow this steps below.

  • Open any web browser of your choice and lunch the URL
  • The first step will then lead you to the LinkedIn main website page. Therefore, simply locate the sign-up caption to start registering your account.
  • Next, start filling out the form you see on the page with your full names, email address a mobile number.
  • Furthermore, you have to craft out a password of about 6 character and above to fully secure your account.
  • After you are through with all the registration process then click on the join now caption in the bottom to create your account.

When you are done with all this process then you can now proceed to choose a contact option. More so, this may be your mobile number or your email address any one you wish to use. Furthermore, you need it to verify your account via this method, then input your country region and your verification code. After verifying your LinkedIn account, you can then proceed to setting up your LinkedIn account profile.

LinkedIn sign in with Facebook

Most people do not really know that they can use their Facebook account to automatically sign up on LinkedIn. This process is very simple as you do not need to be filling out forms and trying to verify your account.

  1. Therefore, to easy achieve this process via this method just lunch the LinkedIn website. Just as I describe it above.
  2. Dive in to the LinkedIn website login page and locate the Facebook caption below.
  3. Click on the caption and it will request your Facebook login details.
  4. After inputting your Facebook details it will automatically open a LinkedIn account for you using your Facebook details.

This are just the ways you can easily get a real LinkedIn account as well as setting up your account after signing up on the platform.