No doubt that LinkedIn is one top online social media networking platform that is design in a specific way for companies and professionals. More so, millions of people do visit this online platform search for jobs and programs to build their career. Basically, LinkedIn sign in page is where you can pass through in other to gain access to the platform.

LinkedIn Sign in Page - Sign in to Your LinkedIn Account | LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Sign in Page – Sign in to Your LinkedIn Account | LinkedIn Profile

These days seeking for jobs is a very difficult thing especially when you are not in the right locations. Also, it is difficult when you do not know the right people to meet for a job or showcase your qualifications. However, with the LinkedIn App or website it is very easy for you to get a good job via the platform and as well meet other professional in your industry.

Sign up in Linkedin

Furthermore, when you sign up in LinkedIn and you access the LinkedIn sign in page you are sure to get all the benefits the platform has to offer. Basically, one interesting thing I have notice while signing up on the platform and as well using LinkedIn services is that it is completely free.

Also, you do not need to subscribe to use any of the services on the platform. Furthermore, sign up Linkedin for company is as well a possibility for users too. So when you register in Linkedin endeavor to setup your profile account. Therefore, you can also access Linkedin sign up business to boost your sales and services online.

LinkedIn Sign in – Requirements to Access LinkedIn Account Login

Particularly, for any user to sign in to their LinkedIn account they most first be a valid member of the platform. This is to say that it is only users that are verified on the platform that can access the login process.

However, some users on the platform may not have access to their account. This is due to incorrect LinkedIn password or login details. More so, we are going to be looking at what you need to get before you can access the platform on this section.

  • LinkedIn Account: One of the first thing anyone that wants to access the platform most have is the LinkedIn account. Therefore, this account certifies you as a full member of the platform. More so, this also means you as a user possess your login details such as your email address, mobile number and password.
  • Internet Web Browser: Basically, you will need to access the platform from a web browser. Therefore, for you to do this you will need to install an internet browser on your device. Such as chrome browser, Opera, Firefox or internet Explorer.
  • The Main LinkedIn Access Portal: The is the main portal that you use in registering for the account. Therefore, you can as well sign in via the same web page. All you need to do is to click on the sign in caption and then input your login details to sign in.
  • An Internet connecting Device: Yes, you need to use a device to connect the internet in other for you to access the platform. Therefore, you can use a laptop or an Android or iOS device to perform the sign in process.

How to Access the LinkedIn Sign in Page – LinkedIn Profile

Accessing the LinkedIn sign in page is very simple provided you have read through this article; you most be able to carry out the sign in process. However, if you have finish creating your linkedin profile log in account then you can login via the web page. Below are the following steps for you to sign in to your account.

  • Open any internet web browser on your device.
  • Click on the search bar and type in the URL and search. Click on the main LinkedIn website.
  • The main homepage opens, then locate the sign in caption on the page and click on it.
  • A page will come up where you will then need to input your correct sign in details.
  • After inputting your sign in details click on the sign in caption below to access your account.

LinkedIn App Download – LinkedIn Login page | LinkedIn Sign up

Furthermore, just like I mention earlier on you can go to the Google play store or App store to download the LinkedIn app on your phone. Therefore, after downloading the App, install it to your device and lunch the app to access Linkedin log in.

Basically, if you are not a registered user of the platform then you can click on the LinkedIn sign-up caption. The one you see when you lunch the app. But if you are already on the platform the you just need to input your login details and start using the its services.

How can I Access LinkedIn Learning?

These are some questions users on the platform do ask. I am going to be showing you how you can get answers to these questions. Therefore, for a user to the learning section in LinkedIn you have to open your email and hit on the Activate LinkedIn learning now caption. Automatically, you will find yourself in the LinkedIn learning page.

Furthermore, on the page you can view thousands of online courses. More so, different professions like technology, business, ICT tech and more other creative courses. More so, while on the platform you can as well manage your account settings. This is simply by clicking on the Me caption at the top right corner of the page.