Do you know you can use your Facebook account to sign up on Line app? Guess you don’t. Well you can actually access Line sign up with Facebook using the Line app. More so, you can choose to sign up on Line and line login with Facebook with your PC or  better still use your smart mobile device.

Line Sign Up with Facebook – Line Account Sign in & Sign up | Line App Download
Line Sign Up with Facebook – Line Account Sign in & Sign up | Line App Download

Basically, this process is applicable to both android and iOS users. Furthermore, for you to start the process of line sign up you most process the Line app download on your device. This makes it possible for to access the Line sign up with Facebook right from your mobile phone.

Line App Download

Just like I said downloading the Line app is the very first step you need to take in other to use the Line app. Also, implementing the sign up line with Facebook. Therefore, to download the app glance through the process below.

  • Open the Play store on your device or App store.
  • Search for the Line app. Better still type in the app name on the search bar and search.
  • The Line app will then pop up, click on it.
  • Move a space below to locate the download caption. Hit on the download button to start your download.
  • After you are through with the download make sure to install it in your device to use it.

Remember that this will not take you straight to line Facebook login or Facebook sign up. But its the main step to the process.

Line Sign up with Facebook

To sign up on Line app you need to use a mobile device or computer system. However, I personally recommend using a mobile phone for easy user accessibility. Below is the how to link line account to Facebook or create line account with Facebook.

  • First make sure you download the Line app from the Google Play store.
  • Install and lunch the app
  • Input the mobile phone number you are using
  • Wait to get a verification code from the service.
  • Furthermore, after verifying your mobile number your account is set.
  • However, if you want to use Facebook for the sign-up process then click on the Facebook icon.
  • If your Facebook account is not in that device then input your Facebook login details. However, if your device is logged in before just click on the Facebook caption then it will sign you up automatically.

Therefore, a notification will then be sent to your Facebook account for a verification that it is a real Facebook account. This will then be the start to log in line with Facebook. So, this is just how to link line account to Facebook.

Line Account Login – Line Sign in Account

Basically, the line sign in or login process is both the same if you are using a smartphone device or PC. Therefore, the only clause in the process is for you to have the Line app and every other thing on the line account is automatic.

  • Click to open your Line app.
  • Enter your login details, precisely your username and password.
  • Furthermore, for desktop users they should input their email address and correct password.
  • After everything hit on the login caption to continue to your Line account.

Note: The login process is only done once in a single device. This means that you only need to access you’re the login process one time. However, further login will not require you to use any login details anymore provided it is same device. So if you ae finding it difficult to sign up for line, you can use this article to solve that issue.