Lightyear – Lightyear Car | Solar Electric Car that Charges Itself | Lightyear One

The world has witness a whole lot of innovations right form the 19 century down till today. However, with the growth of humanity, and  to live a better life, technology seems to be starting its pace. The lightyear company is one innovative body that is set to better the mobility of the future considering safety and other majors.

Lightyear -  Lightyear Car | Solar Electric Car that Charges Itself | Lightyear One
Lightyear – Lightyear Car | Solar Electric Car that Charges Itself | Lightyear One

Furthermore, with the upsurge growth in various sectors of technology like the telecoms, Gadgets, marine. Also, structural, aero, agriculture and other sectors of technology is on the increase, so is the automobile sector. The modern innovation of technology in automobile is very impressing. Therefore, automobile companies like the lightyear have been able to take automobile technology to another level.

Particularly, the company started by a Dutch solar world championship-winning team few years ago. But their is improvement to the most energy efficient electric car which is the lightyear one (an electric car). However, this solar charge electric car is set to be the future of solar electric moving cars. Therefore, the mission and goal of the company is to create a clean mobility for everyone and everywhere.

Some Qualities of the Lightyear One (Solar Charge Electric Car)

Basically, the car does not need to charge as often to function. Furthermore, it has a range of about 725km (WLTP). Also, it solves the challenging form of the pressure increase on the non-renewable energy charge grid.

Furthermore, the pattern of the roof top of the car is of a 5m2 solar roof. Therefore, this is integrated fully with solar cell components which in turns generate energy to drive. Wow! This is so amazing. This pattern of mobility is really indisputable.

This car possesses the ability to charge itself by the sun therefore enabling an ultimate range. Also, the company is giving a guarantee of about 400km distance travel in the winter period on the solar car. Basically, this is the range on a highway speed level with heating on. However, in most cases the rage will be between the rates of 500 to 800km.

Deloitte and Lightyear Partnership

Deloitte and lightyear have been in a partnership agreement for some time. However, it is for the goal to create a future proof organization with a proper structure for the company. Furthermore, the collaboration is to build an ecosystem of innovation partnership.

Particularly, it’s a partnership like the leasePlan Netherlands. However, Deloitte have invested in the trust of the company’s technological ideas. Also, Deloitte is investing both in the future of mobility as well as energy.

Solar Charge Cars

Particularly, with the full invention of solar cars the future of carbon monoxide gases destroying the ecosystem will reduce. More so, about 12% of European greenhouse gases are produce by moving petrol cars.

Therefore, this number will keep increasing by the day if humanity stay still about it. Solar electric cars are a very nice innovation and one that should be embrace by all nations of the world. So, what do you think about this new innovation and how it will improve man life, i will like to know your thought about it Thanks.

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