The kik messenger app is one of the instant messaging app that is very active and revenging the online messaging world in a Good way. However, this app is one that is used by everyone and do not really have any age limit to use it. The Kik messenger app is a nice social media messenger application that gives users the ability to send and as well receive messages. More so, you can send messages to family and friends and colleagues and even chat on a group.

Kik Messenger - Instant Messaging App | Kik Download | Kik Sign up
Kik Messenger – Instant Messaging App | Kik Download | Kik Sign up

Furthermore, users can also use the app to send picture and video files to another user. More so, you can as well send

  • Document files
  • Audio content
  • Gifs
  • Videos
  • Games etc.

The Kik messenger app is an app that is built specifically for android users. Therefore, you can enjoy all the advantages and benefits as an android user when using the app. Although, the developers are working to make the kik app work on the Apple device as well. Basically, with the app you can chat with anyone on your contact list around the world just like the WhatsApp Messenger.

Kik for Android

Kik is one of the best messenger apps on the internet and you can use it on both your mobile device and laptop system. Also, you can use it on your Tablet and Mac computer. This makes it available to all android users and it gives them the privilege to download the app. More so, the feature of the app is the same for all users who are using the kik messenger app.

How to Download and use kik messenger App

In other to start using the kik app you most first download the app from the Google play store. Therefore, after downloading the app you have to install it on your device to access it. To download the kik app is very simple and straight forward. Below is the process to go about downloading the kik app.

  • Head straight to the Google play store on your device and open it.
  • Type in the search term Kik on the search bar at the top of the first page and search.
  • Different search results will then show up, just click on the first app showing Kik.
  • Scroll to the download caption and then click on Download.
  • After downloading the app hit on the install button to install it to your device.

Furthermore, head straight to your device app menu to locate the kik app you download. More so, after locating the app click on it to lunch it.

Kik Sign up

Now you have the kik app on your device click on it to begin your account registration.

  • You will need to input your mobile number to sign up.
  • After putting your mobile number in the space provided for you. Verification will be sent to you.
  • Verify your mobile number to open your Kik account.

After this process the messenger platform will be open for you to access. However, the major thing you really need is your mobile number to open the account, Furthermore, access the platform to setup your profile and start sending messages to friends and loved ones.