iPhone Document Scanner – Free Scanner App For iPhone to PC

iPhone Document Scanner: The iPhone Notes app posses a powerful document scanning feature. Furthermore, this feature is built right into it. Here, today we will learned how you can control this scanner directly from your Mac PC in a variety of apps. However, below is a unique and useful tip for all Mac users as it cuts out the awkward middle steps. Most especially like having to transfer files from phone to your computer system. Also, it helps in grabbing files from the Mac’s Notes app after it syncs.

iPhone Document Scanner - Free Scanner App For iPhone to PC
iPhone Document Scanner – Free Scanner App For iPhone to PC

How to Use iPhone Document Scanner

Besides the Note app, you can easily access the app from a number of different Mac apps too. Basically, this includes the Finder, Mail, Messages, and Pages 7.2 and others as well.

  • To use it, just control-click (or right-click) in the particular window you want to scan the document into.
  • Then select “Import from iPhone or iPad
  • After which click “Scan Documents.” Therefore, the camera app will magically open on seamlessly link to your mobile device. Users can take the scan as usual without need for wires.
  • Once you are through with the scan, the document you scan will appear in the Mac app with a minimum of hassle. I notice it is very useful to scan a bunch of legal documents directly into a new folder in Finder.

Basically, a support page for the feature quote, the Mac will need to run macOS Mojave or the above version. Also, the iPhone or iPad needs to be running iOS 12 and above for this process to work. More so, the both devices need to turn on their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Furthermore, the user can then sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID with two-step authentication process.

Free Scanner App for iPhone

Taking about scanning documents, you can as well use the feature to take photos. Simply choose “Take Photo” rather than the “Scan Documents” icon from the menu. Then hit on the shutter button on your mobile device to capture an image. Therefore, the Camera Continuity is not a new feature, but its compactable with the iPhone’s document scanner.


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